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In South Korea People Compare Animals With Human Faces

Many Koreans tend to compare people’s faces with animals, like cats or foxes. The way that certain facial features align on their faces determines their resemblance to a specific animal. At first, being compared to an animal may seem a little unusual, but the animals these people are compared to are pretty adorable.

5-Minute Crafts will describe each type of face in this fun South Korean trend.

The Puppy Type

The main distinguishing features of this face type are large round eyes and soft facial features. Eyes with this type of appearance may be lowered or deep-set. People with this type of face look cheerful and friendly and because of this, they seem younger. Their image is perceived as innocent and kind.

The Cat Type

Cat-faced people have narrow, sharp eyes, a pointed nose, and clear facial lines. Due to their clean-cut facial features, people with this type of face can appear cold and arrogant. But this feeling can be, of course, deceiving.

The Fox Type

The fox type is similar to that of a cat. It also has sharp eyes and facial features. The difference between these 2 is that people with fox-type features have eyes that point upward. In addition, they have a more narrow chin and a pointed nose. Koreans with this type of appearance are described as “extremely charming.”

The Bunny Type

People with this type of face can be easily recognized by their smile. They have pronounced front teeth, like those of a rabbit. A few more distinguishing features of this type of face: large and round eyes, a large forehead, a small nose and lips, and charming cheeks.

The Horse Type

An elongated face, sometimes a long nose, a protruding jaw, and straight, large teeth are the characteristic features of a horse type of face. People with this type of face often have kind eyes, which makes them look pleasant and friendly.

The Dragon Type

This type of face is most common in men. The features of the dragon face type are a firm, strong, and prominent jaw shape, small eyes, and a slightly elongated face. People with these facial features have a strong and charismatic look. But, often, behind their appearance lies an innocent charm.

The Turtle Type

This type of face is not named after the animal itself, but after the Pokemon Squirtle. People with tortoise-esque faces look very similar: they have round faces, big eyes, and wide smiles. These traits make them look cheerful and positive.

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