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The Story of Brendan Fraser Who Has Made a Long-Awaited Hollywood Comeback

Brendan Fraser is one of those amazing people who is loved by everyone, and not just for being tall and handsome. He’s a charming, kind, and talented actor who has performed equally well in comedies and dramas.

But even the nicest people are not safe from bad luck and suffering. As you may know, Fraser took a long break in his career. Luckily, he has decided to come back to the big screen, and we are very excited to see him in his latest roles.

Early life

Brendan Fraser was born in Indiana to Canadian parents named Carol Mary and Peter Fraser. He is the youngest of 4 siblings. His father worked as a Canadian foreign service officer for the Canadian Government Office of Tourism and his mother was a sales counselor. He has Scottish, Irish, Czech, German, and French Canadian roots and also holds dual American and Canadian citizenship.

During his childhood, Fraser’s family moved to different cities, but when they were on a vacation in London, he visited a professional theater for the first time, and the experience got him hooked on acting. Fraser graduated from Seattle’s Cornish College of the Arts in the ’90s before moving to Hollywood. In 1991, his debut was in a movie called Dogfight, in which he acted as a sailor going to Vietnam.

Then, in 1992, he got his first leading role in a comedic flick called Encino Man where he portrayed a frozen pre-historic caveman who was thawed from a block of ice. In the same year, he starred in School Ties with Matt Damon and Chris O’Donnell. He also worked in not-so-well-known movies, like The Scout, With Honors, Airheads, The Passion of the Darkly Noon, and The Twilight of the Golds.

Some significant performances made him a big star in Hollywood.

It wasn’t until 1997 that he had his major box office success in the comedy, George of the Jungle, where he played Tarzan. The actor went through a rigorous workout and diet to prepare for the role and be able to swing on the vines. In Fraser’s words: “I was like a walking steak.” He was on a rigid high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet and worked out an hour a day with weights.

He also did all the stunts in the movie himself. He was hoisted on a crane 60 feet in the air and had to swing down at the speed of 30 mph at a 300-ft swoop. Eventually, he got injured.

In 1998, he starred in a movie called Gods and Monsters alongside Ian McKellen and received critical acclaim for his performance. The movie was shot in 24 days. McKellen is Fraser’s childhood icon. He used to watch Acting Shakespeare videotapes back in his younger years and is still stunned and honored that he got to work with him.

In 1999, he received his biggest break in an adventure movie called The Mummy where he played Rick O’Connell. And, of course, he reprised the role in the sequel, The Mummy Returns (2001), as well.

He kept getting better with time and then starred in an Oscar-winning movie.

Before The Mummy Returns, he acted in a handful of movies, like Dudley Do-Right and Blast From the Past. In the latter, Fraser had admirable comedic timing and great dance moves that brought the character up nicely. After this, Fraser’s performances on the big screen kept getting better with time.

After this, he starred opposite Michael Caine in a movie called The Quiet American, and then he introduced himself to the world of live-action and animation in a movie called Looney Tunes: Back in Action. After that, he starred in a movie called Crash, which won 3 Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Film Editing.

He had cameos in many TV shows and starred in a movie based on a young adult book series called Inkheart.

He made guest appearances on many shows, like King of the Hill, Scrubs, and The Simpsons. Later, he starred in a 3D movie called Journey to the Center of the Earth and a fantasy movie known as Inkheart.

The movie Inkheart is based on a book series by Cornelia Funke, which features a father-daughter duo. The father (Fraser) has a magic skill where he reads books out loud and brings the words to life. His performance in the movie is simply unforgettable, as it brings out his character’s maturity and makes watching the story a relatable and enchanting experience.

He also starred in a Bollywood movie and continued working on various TV shows.

In 2019, Fraser made an appearance in a Bollywood thriller, Line of Descent. He then continued starring in TV shows, like The Affair, where he played a guard named John Gunther. He also played a Getty family fixer in the FX series known as Trust, and he now has secured a place in DC’s TV series, Doom Patrol, in which he portrays Clifford “Cliff” Steele, also known as Robotman.

His personal life hasn’t been a smooth ride.

© s_bukley / Depositphotos.com, EVERETT COLLECTION/EAST NEWS

In his personal life, Brendan Fraser met an actress named Afton Smith at Winona Ryder’s house back in 1993. 5 years later, the couple got married and had 3 sons, Griffin Arthur Fraser, Holden Fletcher Fraser, and Leland Francis Fraser. In 2007, they got a divorce but continue to maintain a close and caring friendship.

Fraser is back to the big screen after being through a lot, scoring his first leading role in nearly a decade.

Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/East News

Brendan Fraser posed with his sons, Leland Fraser (left), and Holden Fraser (right) as they attended the premiere of The Whale at Alice Tully Hall on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, in New York.

The actor has suffered multiple injuries from the stunts he performed in the past, a painful divorce, and an unpleasant event in 2003 that involved a conflict with an influential person, which is why he disappeared from the Hollywood limelight and his career declined as a result.

More recently, he played a 600-pound man in a movie called The Whale where he plays a man living with severe obesity striving to connect with his estranged teenage daughter. He also wore prosthetics to make his character more convincing. As The Whale will mark his first leading role in nearly a decade, Fraser is back to shining his light and charm on the big screen.

The audience honored the actor with a 5-minute standing ovation for this role at the London Film Festival, which almost moved the actor to tears.

Bonus: Audiences aren’t the only ones who adore Fraser, his colleagues love him too. And we have a great story to prove it.

When we were about to send this article to publication, we learned that almost 30 years ago, comedian Adam Sandler threatened to quit Airheads for Fraser. The director, Michael Lehmann, was against casting the actor, claiming he didn’t see “the caveman” being in this movie.

But Sandler went to the director’s house at 4 in the morning, woke him up, and said, “Just know Adam Sandler ain’t going to be in Airheads unless old Fraser is in it.” So Lehmann changed his mind.

What do you think of Brendan Fraser?

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