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What 20 Historical Figures Would Look Like If They Were Alive

Almost every moment today is documented with a picture, and these images are what make memories eternal. In the past, paintings and sculptures were used to highlight some important people, but we also know that they were not the most accurate way to describe things. As technology develops, greater opportunities emerge that today are even capable of reviving old paintings and sculptures and breathing life into each one of them. Thanks to AI, we’ve tried to bring some of them to life.

20. Aristotle

19. Nefertiti

18. Matoaka — Pocahontas

17. Marie Antoinette

16. Mona Lisa

15. Statue of Liberty

14. Joan of Arc

13. Hürrem Sultan

12. Homer

11. Hua Mulan

10. The Birth of Venus

9. Herodotus

8. Vasco da Gama

7. Athena

6. Vincent van Gogh

5. Anne Boleyn

4. William Shakespeare

3. Zeus

2. Ludwig van Beethoven

1. Alexander the Great

What do you like the most about life in the past? Do you think it’s better now or then and why?

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