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What ВВ, СС, and DD Creams Are and What the Difference Between Them Is

Many of us use facial creams. Moisturizing, sunscreen, mattifying, night, anti-aging — there are so many of them. While BB cream is a somewhat familiar thing to us, CC and DD creams are not.

5-Minute Crafts decided to study the beauty terminology and will tell you what it all means.

ВВ cream

ВВ cream or “Beauty Balm” is a relatively light cream. It keeps the skin hydrated and usually contains sunscreen components. BB cream also controls the shine of the skin. In fact, this is a special product designed to be a primer or a makeup base, and it also provides hydration and tone coverage. It gives a denser coverage than a regular moisturizer but is not as dense as a standard makeup foundation. BB creams are great for young skin that doesn’t need a lot of extra care.

How to use it

Squeeze out a pea-size portion of cream on a beauty blender or brush and blend it well on your skin. You can also blend it with your fingers but in this case, make sure it is done well, otherwise, noticeable stripes or stains might remain on the skin. You can leave the cream on your face without any additional coverage or you can apply a layer of powder over it.

СС cream

СС cream stands for “Color Correcting.” It will help correct an uneven facial tone, as well as hide dark spots and other imperfections. CC cream contains ingredients that conceal redness, improve skin tone, and smooth uneven textures and wrinkles with light-diffusing minerals. This cream is specially designed for mature and aging skin that needs more coverage to even out color and texture. Apart from color correction and getting an ideal final result, many CC creams also contain skin-brightening ingredients like vitamin C.

How to use it

After you complete the face cleansing and moisturizing stages, apply CC cream with a beauty blender or your fingers in a dot pattern. Blend it well, in a circular motion. The amount of CC cream depends on the area of skin you need to cover.

DD cream

DD cream is a multifunctional product that stands for “Dynamic Do-All.” Its main difference from the aforementioned products is that DD creams are primarily designed to provide additional skin protection. This means they have higher levels of SPF and antioxidants, as well as additional ingredients to help prevent wrinkles and environmental damage to the skin. The texture of DD cream is similar to both a regular moisturizer and a BB cream.

How to use it

DD cream can be used the same way as you normally use your primer or makeup base.

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