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Who the Most Beautiful Men in the World Are, According to Science

Hollywood is not only the home of world cinema, but it’s also a place filled with beautiful people. Despite the fact that beauty is a conditional and individual concept, it can be measured with the help of science. Thanks to the proportions of the golden ratio, you can find the perfect proportions of appearance. That is exactly what Dr. Julian De Silva did. He used modern technology and learned which Hollywood actors are considered the most physically attractive.

9. Ryan Gosling — 87.48%

Ryan Gosling is one of the main beauties of Hollywood and the kidnapper of many women’s hearts. According to science, the most expressive feature of an actor’s face is the nose. The actor’s nose is almost perfect and has a score of 99.2%. Another one of Gosling’s expressive features is his chin. However, the actor’s lips are not highly rated.

8. Idris Elba — 88.01%

Chin, lips, and the distance between the eyes are the 3 main advantages the star of the TV series, Luther, has going for him. The least expressive facial features were the nose and the ratio of the nose and the lips.

7. David Beckham — 88.96%

A chiseled chin and an almost perfect nose-to-lip ratio are 2 of the 47-year-old’s strongest facial features. Beckham’s face shape and eye position received the lowest score, according to the proportions of the golden ratio.

6. Hugh Jackman — 89.64%

The 54-year-old X-Men star received the highest score for nose shape, which scored over 97%, and face shape, which scored 96.8%. The least expressive feature of Jackman’s face is the lips.

5. George Clooney — 89.91%

The oldest of all the actors on this list made it to the top 5 most handsome men due to the shape of his nose and the ratio of his nose to his lips. The weakest facial features of George Clooney are his forehead and the position of his eyes.

4. Brad Pitt — 90.51%

According to the rules of the golden ratio, the forehead and the position of the eyes are the 2 strongest facial features found on Brad Pitt. However, he received the lowest score for the shape of his nose and lips.

3. Bradley Cooper — 91.08%

The blue-eyed star of The Hangover made it to the top 3 most handsome men, according to the proportions of the golden ratio. According to science, Cooper’s strongest facial features are the position of the eyes, the ratio of the nose to the mouth, and the lips. The least expressive features are the shape of his nose and the oval shape of his face.

2. Henry Cavill — 91.64%

The 39-year-old British actor has the highest overall score for lips, at 97.1%, and forehead, at 98%. The lowest score was given to his face shape and chin.

1. Robert Pattinson — 92.15%

Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection/East News

The facial features of the Twilight saga star are closest to ideal, according to the proportions of the golden ratio. Pattinson received the highest marks for the shape of his chin, forehead, and eye position. But the lips turned out to be the least expressive feature on the actor’s face.

What other actors, in your opinion, should also be on this list and why?

Preview photo credit Harald Krichel / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0, arp / Depositphotos, Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection/East News
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