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Why There’s a Tiny Pocket on Jeans

Whatever style of jeans you choose to wear, you can find a tiny pocket inside one of the front pockets on almost all of them. But why is it there? Is it just a decorative element, or does it have a practical use?

5-Minute Crafts would like to tell you what this pocket is for and explain how you can use it today.

Why this tiny pocket was invented

Throughout the years, the name of this element on jeans changed. It used to be called a coin pocket, a ticket pocket, a match pocket, and even a frontier pocket, even though it was originally invented for a watch.

This pocket first appeared on the original copper-riveted jeans by Levi Strauss & Co. in 1879. At that time, these jeans were worn by workers, carpenters, miners, railway engineers, and cowboys. The pocket secured the watch tightly, preventing it from falling out, and it also provided easy access to the device when needed.

How this pocket can be used today

Since a pocket watch with a chain is almost never used nowadays, the small pocket on jeans has become more of a decorative element. Manufacturers keep it on jeans to pay tribute to its historical past.

Although the watch pocket is quite small, it’s not completely useless. You can come up with your own ideas of how to use it or follow these options:

  • Keep coins in the pocket.
  • Use the pocket for a music player.
  • Keep a small comb there so that it’s always at hand.
  • Store a mint or floss in the pocket to keep your mouth fresh and clean.
  • Put lipstick or lip balm in the pocket — either should fit perfectly.
  • Carry band-aids in the pocket. If you put on new shoes, this will be a wise solution.
  • Put a napkin or a tissue in the pocket.
  • Store your keys in this pocket if your keyring isn’t too big.
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