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What Products Can Be Used to Replace Bread Crumbs

When we want to create a crispy crust in nuggets, cutlets, or any other dishes, we normally seek help from bread crumbs. This is because they serve as a tasty, crispy, budget-friendly option. However, if we have no bread crumbs on hand, we can easily find things to replace them with.

5-Minute Crafts is telling you all about these bread crumb alternatives.


They contain more fiber than bread crumbs but are almost tasteless. Before eating them, grind the cereal in a blender or food processor, add your favorite herbs or spices, and voila!

Corn flakes

Corn flakes that aren’t too sweet can be a good substitute for bread crumbs. Just like oats, they should first be ground the way you like. Crush them to smithereens for a smoother crust or leave small chunks of cereal for a more crispy crust (this option is perfect for chicken).


In general, breading with crackers is not much different from regular bread crumbs. That’s why if you have a handful of non-sweet crackers on hand, wrap them in a plastic bag, then in a towel, and crush them well.

Potato chips

The advantage of crushed potato chips is that they are seasoned and have their own taste and aroma. However, of course, you can always add your favorite spices to them. Be careful with the time the products in breading are on the fire — chips are already fried and can burn if exposed to heat for too long.


Literally, any of your favorite types of nuts can be good for creating a crispy crust on a fillet of fish or chicken breasts. The high content of fat in them means that they can get burned easily, which is why you should be sure to watch the oven or stove properly.


If they’re quite small, like chia or sesame seeds, simply use them for breading without crushing them. And if they’re quite large, like sunflower seeds, you might need to crush them into smaller pieces. Seeds are quite aromatic themselves, but adding different spices to them won’t do any harm.

Almond flour

Almond flour has a nutty flavor and a delicate texture, making it an easy substitute for bread crumbs. It’s also gluten-free, so if you have gluten sensitivities or dietary needs, this is a great option.

Corn starch

Corn starch won’t give the same results as bread crumbs, but it’s a pretty good substitute because the starch forms a crispy (sometimes slightly stretchy) layer around the food when it’s fried. It also pairs very well with various seasonings, so let your imagination run wild.

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