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The Heartwarming Story of the Aerospace Engineer Student Who Became Miss England After Being Teased for Her Hair

Jessica Gagen is an aerospace engineering student who beat 29 other hopefuls to become the latest Miss England. She won the coveted crown after being the target of bullying in middle school because of the color of her hair, which makes her victory all the more special, since she is the first redhead to be crowned Miss England.Her story is a heartwarming tale of overcoming adversity and proving people wrong, who have put you down in the past. She aims to inspire young girls, who feel like outcasts, to rise above adversity, as well as encourage them to find a place for themselves in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields, particularly engineering.

Film Flaws: Here Are 13 Movie Mistakes That Only Fans Caught

Believe it or not, many popular films contain mistakes that have gone unnoticed even by the people who made them. We compiled a list of some of these mistakes that even the producers may have missed so you can go and re-watch some of your favorite movies with fresh eyes. Don’t miss these hidden gems and, who knows, you may even spot some mistakes no one has seen before.

3 Secrets to a Perfectly Clean Bath That Will Cost You Nothing

Dust, rust, traces of soap, and limescale can turn the most beautiful bathtub into a place that you’ll feel sorry to look at. All because an untidy bathtub is far from pleasant. Several pieces of advice can help keep your bathtub in good shape and allow you to forget about hard-to-remove stains.

10+ Curious Kids Who Will Steal Us a Smile or 2

Kids can do miraculous and naughty things at the same time. But some turn out to be such geniuses, that their innocuous curiosity can leave us feeling super wholesome. Below, we have found a few kids who will surely warm your heart and also make you chuckle a bit!

15 Pics That Got Us Thinking About Whether or Not Time Travel Is Possible

Sometimes, you come across people, places, things, or moments that give you a sense of deja vu. Or you may also find certain people’s doppelgangers in old pictures and paintings that make you think that maybe they were reincarnated or time-traveled from the past. We happened to find such amazing instances on the web that we can’t wait to share with you below.

8 Celebrities Who Regret Getting Plastic Surgery and Other Cosmetic Procedures

Plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedures can come in handy when people don’t feel comfortable in their own skin. However, some well-known celebrities have regretted this decision, as things have not gone as expected or simply because they’re now more focused on embracing their natural looks.Today, we’ll show you 8 celebrities who have confessed their regrets about getting plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures.

7+ Tips That Will Truly Help You Boost Your Body Positivity

Body positivity is a movement that stands for acceptance, appreciation, and respect for bodies just the way they are. Even though these actions may sound like difficult things to put into practice, they may be worth a try, as they can result in improving your mental health and well-being, as well as contributing to a more inclusive society. 5-Minute Crafts will give you some tips to help you be more compassionate toward yourself and reach body positivity.

10 Celebrities Who Prefer to Live on a Budget

It’s well-known that fame can bring you a lot of money or even an impressive fortune. However, some celebrities have chosen to keep their feet on the ground and stay away from overspending on things when there’s no need to.Today, we will show you 10 Hollywood stars who’ve decided to live on a budget, even when they may be able to afford a more expensive lifestyle.

12+ Christmas Photos That Would Even Make the Grinch’s Heart Grow 3 Sizes

Christmas is the most beloved holiday for millions of people around the world and this is not surprising. Christmas combines all the best that is in the world. And right now, unlike any other time, everyone wants to believe in miracles and magic. If you’re still not in the Christmas spirit, then these Reddit photos will fix that.

What 18 Popular Teen Idols From the 2000s Look Like Today

It’s no secret that we all had a favorite star that we couldn’t stop watching on TV or listening to on the radio in our teenage years. However, it’s also possible that, over time, we’ve lost sight of them and have no idea what they look like now that they’re older.Today, we will show you a compilation of 18 popular stars from the 2000s and what they look like today.

20+ People Shared What They’d Love to Receive As a Gift But No One Considers it Because They’re Adults

Getting the perfect present for someone can be a difficult task. However, there are things we may never consider just because they’re supposed to only be for children but would be the perfect gift for a grown-up.Today, we will show you 25 posts shared by Reddit users who would love to receive very special items as gifts.

18 Child Stars Who Are All Grown Up and Looking Amazing These Days

Some iconic roles can be difficult to forget, especially when these have been played by children who had a chance to delight us with their talent at a small age. However, we may not have realized that many of these mini-stars have continued their journeys in life and are now young adults.Today, we will show you 18 child stars from our favorite movies and TV shows who grew up and are looking fantastic.

14 Personal Photos of Celebrities That Got Thousands of Likes for Very Good Reasons

The lives of celebrities are full of interesting and unusual events. Today, many of them use social media to share details of their “super-star” lives with millions fans around the world. And we enjoy watching it all! However, news and posts that talk about important events and changes in the lives of stars often become the most liked. And this is not surprising. After all, it is in these moments that we probably feel most like them.

How to Mix Colors and Make Cool New Shades Out of Basic Ones

It sounds unbelievable, but the majority of colors consist of just 3 primary shades: red, yellow, and blue. You just need to know how to mix them.

How to Work From Home Effectively: 10 Tips to Maximize Your Productivity

Just like working from the office, remote working has its perks and benefits too. And nowadays, many people prefer working from home just to make the most of this work culture. If you’re new to this work regime, then 5-Minute Crafts wants to help you be more productive with this style of work by listing some tips below.

20+ Hilarious Photos That Prove Life With Children Is a Never-Ending Comedy

Living with children can bring a lot of sweet moments as you watch them grow up. However, you may also witness hilarious moments that will make you think you’re living in a real-life comedy.Today, we’ll show you a compilation of 20+ hilarious photos where children are the main characters.

How to Use a Urinal Without Splashing Yourself or the Floor: 6 Tips

Urinals are often found in public toilets for men and are very efficient, as they can be used while standing. They’re also generally more sanitary because there are no fecal germs on them and no handles or locks that have been exposed to bacteria, and they’re faster to use. They also need less space and not much water. However, although very practical, urinals also have their downsides, like splashback. To avoid coming out of the restroom with spots on your pants, 5-Minute Crafts prepared this article with some tips to help you use the urinal correctly.

18 Creative People Who Transformed a Pile of Garbage Into Treasure

Sometimes, life hits us with coincidences in the right place at the right time. There may also be instances when you come across an old object or an antique piece dumped somewhere, and it may turn out useful for you in some or many ways. Today, we present such moments that will prove this to be true.

17 People Share How They Accidentally Met a Celebrity

Sometimes we forget that celebrities are ordinary people like us. They just happen to be famous. They need to run to the store to buy things, go outside to have a snack, visit the movie theatre, or catch a taxi. Here are 17 Reddit users’ stories that prove you may accidentally meet a VIP just around the corner.

20 Things That Are Considered Normal in Certain Places but Not in Others, According to Reddit Users

One of the good things about living in such a big world is that there’s always a lot to learn about other countries or cities, even when these things may sound unusual.Today, we’ll show you 20 posts from people who shared things that are considered normal in certain places but may not be in other parts of the globe.