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How to Choose Color Highlights for Your Hair

Highlights are great when you want to give yourself a noticeable change and also make your hair look lighter. However, not every combination is right for everyone because hair color is not the only way to determine the tones you want to use.

We at 5-Minute Crafts found out how we should choose the right tones for highlights, and now we’re sharing these tips with all of you.

Determine your skin tone.

Your wrists:

  • Green veins mean you might have warm-toned skin.
  • Purple or blue veins mean that your skin is most likely cool-toned.

Your eyes:

  • Warm eyes or eyes with gold flecks mean you’re warm-toned.
  • Eyes with a lot of green and blue in them mean you’re cool-toned.

Test with jewelry:

  • Hold up some gold jewelry next to your face. If it highlights your skin tone better, then you’re probably warm-toned.
  • Now try the same thing with silver — if this highlights your skin better, then you most likely have cool-toned skin.

Choose your highlights.

If you have a deep skin tone and darker colored eyes and hair, it’s advisable to go for richer and deeper highlights. In most cases, it’s difficult to get cooler and lighter colors on the deep strands because they tend to get red hues as you make them lighter.

Go for warmer tones, like milk chocolate, maple, and cognac.

Having a medium warm skin tone means that you’re in the middle of the spectrum, and most shades will look good on you. That’s why, in this case, eye color plays a big role in finding the perfect highlights.

For green or hazel eyes, a warmer skin tone, deeper hair color highlight colors, like caramel, honey, butter-scotch, and maple, might be the right choice. Plus, this combination will make the eyes appear brighter.

If you have a medium warm skin tone with an olive complexion and dark eyes and hair, go for coffee hues. But if you want to make a bigger change in your hair, go for coppery and red colors.

If you have any color hair and eyes and a medium skin tone that’s on the cooler side, you should think about getting highlights with taupe, sandy, and/or beige blonde colors.

For warmer skin tones, darker eyes, and lighter hair color, you should consider apricot blonde, peachy, beachy blondes, and natural soft golden shades.

For warm, fair skin and darker hair, go for honey highlights. This also goes great with any eye color.

If you have light or blue eyes, light hair, and fair skin with a cool tone, then you can go for blonde icy shades, like vanilla and platinum.

Even though cognacs and honey could work just fine on dark hair, fair and cool skin, and any type of eye color, it’s better to lean more toward cranberry and crimson highlights.

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