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How to Look Good With Sunglasses

Besides protecting your eyes, sunglasses can give you an extra boost of confidence and style. However, there are certain things to consider so that these suit your natural features, your outfit, and other accessories in the best possible way.

5-Minute Crafts will show you how to pair your sunglasses in order to look good while wearing them.

1. Find the perfect sunglasses for your skin tone.

Identifying your skin tone can give you important information about the best frames and lenses to complement your look. Therefore, check the following classification to find the perfect sunglasses for you:

  • Cool skin tone: You likely have a cool skin tone if you get sunburned very easily, have green, gray, or blue eyes, and your veins seem blue rather than green. If this applies to you, opt for purple, blue, pink, green, or silver frames. At the same time, it’s advisable to choose pink, blue, and silver lenses, as these colors will best suit your tan and eyes.
  • Warm skin tone: You possibly have a warm skin tone if your skin seems tanned, you have black or brown eyes, and your veins appear green instead of blue. If this is your case, go for brown, beige, red, yellow, golden, or orange frames. For the lenses, try brown or fiery colors.

💡 If you have a combination of a cool and warm skin tone, you may choose between both color palettes.

2. Don’t forget about your hair color.

Your hair color is also essential when choosing the best pair of sunglasses. Take a look at the information below to find the perfect match.

  • Warm blonde: You have bronze or honey undertones, and your hair usually falls into the darker side of the blonde scale of tones. When getting new sunglasses, brown tones are an excellent choice.
  • Cool blonde: Your hair is slightly lighter than warm blonde. This category includes platinum, strawberry, and ash blonde. Here, blue, black, violet, and cool pink tones are the best options.
  • Warm brown: Your hair tone has red or golden undertones. Therefore, natural, warm colors, including green, golden, and red, are the best choices for you.
  • Cool brown: Your cooler, darker brown hair has an ashy undertone. If this applies to you, opt for black, pink, or blue sunglasses. At the same time, you can try beige tones and cooler brown shades, as these will also suit your hair color.
  • Red hair: Although your hair may have different tones, including warm orange or cooler red shades, green sunglasses lenses or frames are the best options in either case as these will create a flattering contrast with your hair.
  • Black hair: In this case, the best options are purple, black, red, or green sunglasses.
  • White and gray hair: If you have these tones, opt for red or purple sunglasses.

3. Match your sunglasses with your outfit.

When choosing your sunglasses, it’s a good idea to take into consideration your fashion style. To do so, follow this simple guide:

  • Professional: If your office look includes a pencil skirt, a blouse, and a blazer, opt for classic styles, such as wayfarers, rectangle styles, or medium or small-sized square shapes. If you prefer trendy-professional outfits, choose cat-eye, oversize, or large square frame shapes.
  • Boho: If you like peasant dresses and soft denim along with wavy hair, try round frames inspired by John Lennon, wire-frames, modern aviators, and mirrored lenses.
  • City chic: If your outfit includes a cropped leather jacket, sharp proportions, and a lot of black garments, go for chunky frames, modern aviators, mirrored lenses, and clear frames.
  • Ultra-feminine: For floral tops, ladylike dresses, and different shades of pink, opt for feminine sunglass frames, such as cat-eye, oversize, and square styles.
  • Vintage: If your outfit includes vintage pieces, try retro frames such as wayfarers, round, or cat-eye shapes. You can also go for mirrored lenses and colored frames inspired by ’80s styles.
  • Casual: If you prefer comfortable garments, including denim, comfy flats, and cozy sweaters, opt for modern and subtle styles, including square frames, aviators, and wayfarers.
  • Vacation style: For outfits that include denim pieces, dresses, and sandals, stick to oversize, round, colored, square, or mirrored lenses.

4. Pair your frames with your accessories.

Finally, your jewelry and other accessories are also important when wearing sunglasses so that there’s coordination and complementation. Remember that your sunglasses will be your most important accessory, so all the other pieces should be based on them.

For example, if your sunglasses have black frames, you can pair them with a watch with a cute black strap. At the same time, you can try complementary colors. For instance, if your sunglasses have a little pink, you can go for a necklace or earrings with a pop of blue. If you’re wearing gold, pair it with green. Warm colors like yellow and orange work very well with brown frames.

❗ Keep in mind that adding sunglasses to an overload of accessories can result in a messy look. Therefore, it’s advisable not to overdo it.

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