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10+ Creative People Who Gave Old Items a New Lease on Life

For some people, old items can be meaningful, as they hold a lot of history. However, these can become annoying for those who’d like to give their home a fresh look. Luckily, with a bit of time and creativity, antique objects can be renovated and appear as good as new.

5-Minute Crafts compiled 10+ photos from people who decided to let their imagination flow and gave old items a second chance.

1. “I found this at our local recycling center, bought it for around $5, and started a quick project to make something for our daughter who is a Harry Potter fan.”

2. “Salvaged some vintage chairs with blue linen. Here’s the before and after picture.”

3. “A table from the ’60s.”

4. “I restored this rusty and broken 1940 Chevy headlight and transformed it into a floor lamp.”

5. “My project was to restore this 1920s Art Deco standing floor ashtray. I’m very proud of how it turned out. I even found a vintage metal match holder for the center bracket!”

6. “I decided to restore this old radio! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work anymore but I decided to turn it into a storage cabinet. It took some time but I think it came out pretty good!”

7. “The restoration of my grandma’s wheelbarrow she bought at a garage sale in the ’70s for $1”

8. “I turned an old inexpensive cotton parker jacket into a waxed cotton jacket that rivals much more expensive coats.”

9. “I restored this antique lamp and made a Bohemian Gypsy Crescent Moon Mica shade with antique chandelier crystal pendants.”

10. “One of the most recent projects I’ve finished! A 1960s Milwaukee’s Best ice chest painted to match my hot rod!”

11. “Before and after of a dresser I found in my grandpa’s old barn — this is my first woodworking restoration project and I’m super proud.”

12. “Mini chiminea restoration, before and after pictures — I hope you like it.”

13. “Here are the before and after photos for the Philips 353A case restoration. I’m very pleased with the outcome. It’s going straight in our front room!”

14. “A before and after of 2 pieces of my furniture. I think it came out really decent.”

15. “A Vendo 63 Coke machine converted into a safe”

16. This restored antique plow makes an excellent decoration for the garden.

17. “Before and after of a Haro BMX bike”

18. “This is the first restoration project I’ve ever finished. It was trickier than I thought, but I’m still happy with the outcome!”

19. “I made this old cabinet for my daughter.”

Preview photo credit Big_JR80 / Reddit
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