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5-Minute Crafts

10+ People Whose Amazing Decorating Skills May Leave You Speechless

Understanding where and how to use your creativity can be tough, but some people handle it pretty well. Some can make specific things out of new materials, while others repurpose items that are headed to the trash, breathing new life in every piece they touch.

5-Minute Crafts compiled 10+ times people made impressive things from a rush of creativity.

1. “Experiments in our biotech lab mean we must come into the office, so we decorated with a chemistree.”

2. “I decorated Toy Story donuts for a customer this morning!”

3. “I made a little Viking-themed cake with cookie decorations.”

4. “A flooded cookie I decorated! It’s not perfect, but it’s a lot of fun learning new skills to help me improve!”

5. “Entering the county fair cake decorating contest for the first time, and this was my trial run!”

6.“I made a duckweed decoration for one of my mini tanks!”

7. “This decorative piece is made out of crushed bottle caps.”

8. “I made a holiday decoration with scrap wood and $3.”

9. “I wanted to make cookies that showed several different perspectives of a pond.”

10. “A raised bed zucchini cake with cream cheese frosting”

11. “I’ve been practicing my cookie decorating skills in hopes of opening my bakery one day.”

12. “I made couture cookies. They’re vanilla bean sugar cookies decorated with a variety of toppings.”

13. “My friend spent about 3 months building custom-made characters.”

14. “Spooky croissant!”

15. “I baked a cherry pomegranate pie to celebrate the year of the tiger.”

Do you enjoy decorating? Share your best work in the comments!

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