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10+ Simple Yet Essential Tips to Deal With Life-Threatening Situations

There’s no doubt that it’s always good to learn something new, especially when this piece of information can be used to keep you prepared and safe in the craziest but possible circumstances.

Important: This article has been created for informative purposes only and does not replace professional advice.

1. If your house smells like fish, call an electrician immediately.

A fishy odor could indicate that there’s an electrical issue. Power components usually release this smell when they’re overheated due to the chemicals and plastic coating on them. Since 9 times out of 10 this odor is a signal of an electrical emergency, call your local electrical service and 911 right away, as there could be a potential fire.

2. If a tornado seems like it’s not moving either to the left or right, it may be coming toward you.

Even though tornadoes generally go from southwest to northeast, they could also move to the north, northwest, east, and southeast.

3. If you see square waves, get out of the water immediately.

Cross sea, also known as square waves, is a state of nonparallel ocean waves generated by wind. Although they look like a majestic pattern, it’s advised to get out of the water immediately whenever you see them, as their crisscross angles are difficult to escape. Swimming or surfing in a cross sea is extremely dangerous, even if you’re experienced in these sports.

4. If you smell gas, don’t do these things.

If you’re indoors:

  • Don’t light any matches or candles.
  • Don’t use light switches.
  • Don’t use the telephone or any other electrical appliances.
  • Don’t ring the doorbell.
  • Don’t use the elevator.

If you’re outdoors:

  • Don’t try to find the source of the smell by yourself.
  • Don’t use vehicles or electrical equipment.

5. If you encounter a bear, don’t run.

If the bear is already following you, stop and don’t budge. Next, slowly wave both arms. This may help the bear realize you’re a human and not prey. If the bear is not moving, walk away slowly by moving sideways. Remember to avoid screaming and sudden movements, as these things could make the bear attack you.

6. Never slide into the pins while bowling.

What may seem like a funny joke is a life-threatening action. Pinsetters, the automatic machinery used to clear and set pins, may cause serious and even fatal injuries.

7. If your hair suddenly stands on end for no reason, you’re about to be struck by lightning.

Immediately get on your knees and protect yourself by bending forward. Do not lie flat, as the wet ground may easily conduct electricity.

8. If you get stuck in an avalanche, spit.

After making an air pocket right in front of your face, spit. This way, gravity will let you know which direction you should move — in this case, in the opposite direction in which the drool fell.

9. Never swim toward a drowning person without any training.

Either way, when trying to rescue someone from drowning, reach them with a rigid object that allows you to pull them out of the water. This way, you’ll be able to protect yourself in case the person yanks you in while desperately trying to stay on the surface.

10. If you feel like you’re being followed while driving, make 4 left or right turns.

This way, you’ll make a circle and find out if that car is really after you. If so, stay calm to avoid accidents, call 911, and drive to a police station or a public place, such as a restaurant, a shopping mall, a coffee shop, or a big store.

11. If you’re being chased by bees, don’t jump into any water.

Although it may seem like a good idea, the bees will be there when you come back up to the surface to get some air. The best thing to do in this case is to run away from them as fast as you can without flailing your arms. Protect your face and eyes from being stung by pulling your shirt up over these areas, and find somewhere to hide as soon as possible.

12. Never touch or approach fallen power lines.

Power lines that have fallen to the ground are dangerous, so you should never touch them. If there’s a fallen power line near you:

  • Don’t touch anyone or anything that is in contact with it, such as objects, equipment, or vehicles.
  • Don’t allow children or pets to go near fallen electric lines.
  • Don’t drive over a fallen power line.
  • Call 911 right away to report the issue.

Bonus: If a service dog is unattended or comes to you, its owner may need help.

Knowing this may not save your life, but you may be able to help someone else. That being said, if the dog barks at you or touches you with its nose without its owner present, follow it, identify the issue, and call 911 if necessary.

What other tips for handling life-threatening situations do you know? Tell us in the comments!

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