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10 Sleeping Bags You’d Like to Have on Your Outdoor Adventure

Sleeping bags are the standard equipment for many hikers, trekkers, campers, and nature lovers. And to be practical, they have to meet various requirements, such as low weight, waterproofness, warmth, etc. So, if you are looking for a multi-season sleeping bag that is well insulated, take a look at 5-Minute Crafts’ top sleeping bags you’d like to have on your outdoor adventures.

1. Active Era mummy sleeping bag — excellent for grown-ups and kids

This mummy-design sleeping bag is ideal for camping from spring to fall since it’s recommended for the temperature range between 5°C and 18°C (41°F to 64°F). However, you’d feel most comfortable when air temperatures are between 10°C and 18°C (50°F to 64°F). It’s made of polyester, both inside and outside. When unpacked, this Amazon’s Choice bag measures 210 cm x 80 cm x 50 cm, while, when packed, its dimensions are 40 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm. Finally, the Active Era Premium sleeping bag weighs 800 g, making it super-lightweight.

Review: “You can buy sleeping bags for a lot of money, but I honestly don’t think you need to. This was great on its first use and I was very happy with it. I can confirm the recommended temperature range is about right. I used it indoors, but would have no hesitation to take it camping in spring or autumn.” LondonLife

2. SWTMERRY — best sleeping bag for four seasons

SWTMERRY sleeping bag features waterproof material, so you won’t get damp when it rains while you camp outside. It is also well insulated, so you feel warm even when air temperatures drop close to the freezing point. The temperature range the bag is suitable for is from 5°C to 25°C (41°F to 77°F). The comfort level, however, ranges between 10°C and 20°C (50°F and 68°F). As for cleaning, you can put it in a washing machine. Finally, there are a variety of colors you can choose from for this item, including sky blue, green, purple, and red.

Review: “I bought two sleeping bags for my grandsons, after talking to their mum they are highly delighted with them, they are exactly what they say they are, lightweight, yet warm. They used them when it was really hot weather last week and they were perfect too just right. The bags are roomy too. After use, they pack away into a neat bag and don’t take up a lot of room.” S Bintcliffe

3. Coolzon sleeping bag — best for staying dry when it rains

Coolzon sleeping bag is lightweight and, thus, ideal for camping, backpacking, and hiking. Made of polyester, cotton, and down, it covers various temperature ranges, so you should feel comfortable outside during three, even four seasons. Plus, it’s breathable, which improves comfort while you sleep in it. Also, the product is waterproof.

Review: “Delighted with it. Very lightweight to carry but so so warm.” Marika tiernan

4. Milestone Camping — best double sleeping bag with dual zip

Milestone Camping sleeping bags come in single and double versions, so they can accommodate up to two people. These items feature an envelope design and are suitable for sleeping outdoors in spring, summer, and autumn. When unpacked, their dimensions are 210 cm x 170 cm. Packed, they measure 55 cm x 35 cm. The item weight is 4 kg, and it comes with a carry bag, in which you can store the sleeping bag while on the move.

Review: “I bought this bag to keep me warm and the winds at bay on my mobility scooter. It works excellently and with just a pair of ’Longjohns’ and my normal outer garments on I was as ’Warm as toast’. Excellent product. Thank you.” Neil

5. SOULOUT — ideal for camping at near-freezing temperatures

SOULOUT sleeping bag would keep you warm and dry in near-freezing temperatures and when it rains. The item is made of skin-friendly polyester, and you can combine two bags to make one large that accommodates two people. It is lightweight, weighing 1.81 kg, so you can use SOULOUT bag for backpacking, trekking, camping, and other outdoor adventures. Finally, it is machine-washable, so you can clean it with convenience.

Review: “Reports translated from the grunts of my teen male indicate the sleeping contraption regulated core body temperature within reasonable tolerances.” Ma1nman

6. COVACURE — best to keep you warm and comfortable on a backpacking trip

This COVACURE bag is suitable for indoor and outdoor sleeping down to early winter temperatures. Still, you can enjoy maximum comfort in spring and summer when low temperatures range between 5°C and 15°C (41°F to 59°F). Moreover, you can get bonus warmth by using a hood for your head. The sleeping bag is ultralight, weighing only 0.83 kg. Also, you can carry it with ease since it measures roughly 22 cm x 22 cm x 13 cm when packed. So, you can use this item when hiking, climbing, and for many other activities.

Review: “I was looking for a reasonably priced small packed and lightweight sleeping bag so I went with this one after previously refunding a different one I had bought that wasn’t up to my standards. This one is perfect for what I was looking for and great value for money, it’s warm and comfortable and most importantly packs down very small so you can free up your packing space for other items.” Hugo

7. KingCamp — best envelope-style sleeping bag with a wide color selection

KingCamp bag features premium insulation that prevents any rough ground poking into your back when you sleep. Furthermore, it is suitable for cold temperatures down to −3°C (27°F), so you can use it for an outdoor adventure any season. Use an attached hood for added warmth. Plus, the product is lightweight, measuring 1.4 kg, and waterproof to keep you dry when it rains. The product dimensions are 220 cm x 75 cm x 3 cm when unpacked. Packed in a carry bag, it measures 36 cm x 18 cm.

Review: “Bought for my 8-year-old daughter to go on a PGL trip this year. She loved it and was able to fold it up and put it back in its bag all by herself. Feels like good quality and was very warm apparently. There is loads of room and it would be suitable for grown-ups too.” Mr. R. Wickings

8. ACTIVE FOREVER — ideal for rainy and windy weather conditions

ACTIVE FOREVER mummy sleeping bag is ideal for outdoor temperatures from 10°C to 18°C (50°F to 64°F), although you can use it down to 5°C (41°F). Made of polyester, it is also breathable, so it’s suitable for an outdoor adventure in summer, too. The bag’s weight is 0.8 kg, and its storage size in a carry bag is 35 cm x 20 cm, while the unfolded size is 210 cm x 80 cm. Finally, you don’t have to worry about getting damp because the sleeping bag is waterproof.

Review: “Used by a 20-year man who is over 6 feet and he liked it. Good quality zips and rolls up nicely.” C. Rodger

9. FIT NATION — best sleeping bag for any weather

FIT NATION bag is suitable for sleeping outdoors down to −11°C (12°F), although you’d feel comfortable within temperature ranges of 3°C to 8°C (37°F to 46°F). Still, it is suitable for warm temperatures, too, thanks to its breathability and moisture-wicking capabilities. Moreover, the sleeping bag is 100% waterproof, so you’ll remain dry even during rain or snow. Next, you can stash your smartphone and credit cards in an attached pocket. Finally, this product comes in black and blue colors.

Review: “My son tested the sleeping bag on a cool autumn weekend of camping. He loved it. Not too cool and not too hot — perfectly adjusted to temperature. Robust zips and a comfy hood are very nice touches. Light as a feather when sowed in the bag and transported. Great product.” prothalus

10. Active Era Professional sleeping bag best suited for those seeking extra comfort

Active Era Professional mummy bag is comfortable and suitable for sleeping outdoors throughout the year. It’s water-resistant, so it will keep you dry even when it’s wet outside. Next, it has a durable outer shell and an ultra-warm double filling for premium warmth when it’s cold. And, you can wash the sleeping bag in a washing machine. The bag’s dimensions are 220 cm x 80 cm (55 cm at the feet) when unpacked and 40 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm when packed. Its weight is 1.5 kg, so anyone can carry it with ease.

Review: “Bought this for a D of E expedition for one of my twins. Twin 1 had my old expensive sleeping bag and twin 2 had this. Twin 1 was cold overnight and twin 2 wasn’t! That’s a pretty good micro survey in controlled conditions. This one didn’t fold up as small and was heavier but still a great buy for the price. Longer than my other bag too. It was around 9 degrees overnight so is fine for camping in the warmer months.” Ilovereadding

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