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10 Useful Things to Get for Your Friend Who Just Had a Baby

Being a parent can be hard, especially when you have just become one. There are many things to think about and figure out. If you have a friend who is going through all of this and wondering how to help them, then keep scrolling down.

5-Minute Crafts gathered a list of useful gifts that you can get for a new parent.

1. Natural-feel baby bottle

Buy the natural-feel baby bottle here.

This item can be very helpful for a baby’s transition from breast to bottle. They are soft, non-toxic, and great for all feeding needs (milk, baby formula, water, etc.).

2. Baby nasal aspirator

Buy the baby nasal aspirator here.

A nasal aspirator is safe and hygienic to use and can give the baby a proper nose cleaning. It is simple to install and operate with it and also has a long-lasting built-in battery.

3. Baby photo album and scrapbook

Buy a baby photo album and scrapbook here.

This could be a beautiful gift as it has binder folders and black pages which can both be a photo album and a scrapbook. In this way, the new parents will make their memories last for many years and document their baby’s journey.

4. Carrier for newborn babies

Buy a carrier for newborn babies here.

Baby carriers can help parents to run errands or finish their daily activities easier. They are adjustable and convenient, and can be worn facing-in or facing-out.

5. Organic breastfeeding tea for lactation

Buy an organic breastfeeding tea for lactation here.

Lactation teas can help mothers recover faster and reduce fatigue after birth, as well as promote the breast milk flow. This package contains a mix of blended herbs that are carefully picked and can also give mums-to-be a good start.

6. Organic baby blanket

Buy an organic baby blanket here.

These blankets are highly practical and are designed to be breathable and gentle on a baby’s skin. It’s a nice gift for newborns as it can make them feel cozy and safe.

7. Natural nourishing baby oil

Buy a natural nourishing baby oil here.

Newborns often deal with stomach cramps. The natural nourishing oil can help digestion and soothe the baby’s tummy.

8. Baby soother noise sound machine

Buy the baby soother noise sound machine here.

Every parent knows how a good night’s sleep is a rare occasion after having a baby. This device can sing the lullabies and quiet, relaxing sounds until the baby falls asleep.

9. Nursing pajamas

Buy nursing pajamas here.

These maternity pajamas are designed so that can be very practical and helpful when it comes to breastfeeding. They are also comfortable and offer a lot of room for a growing bump.

10. Teething toys for babies (0-6 Months)

Buy teething toys for babies here.

The rattle teethers are made from safe materials and are very durable when it comes to chewing. It will help the baby to relieve any teething pain and also develop eye coordination as it will attract the baby’s attention.

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