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10 Useful Tips for Your Stress-Free Summer Vacation

Whenever you think of summer, many things immediately come to mind, like the sea, sand, sun, picnics, nature, taking strolls, and, of course, lots of memories full of fun. But to have it all, you must know some tricks that’ll help you anytime, anywhere. That’s why we, at 5-Minute Crafts, rounded up some life hacks for you to pull off a stress-free summer vacation.

1. Use a plastic reclosable bag to protect your belongings.

2. Use a mesh laundry bag to keep beach toys free of sand.

3. Use a carabiner to attach your flip-flops to a beach bag.

4. Freeze aloe vera gel in ice cube trays to cool sunburnt skin.

5. Recycle an empty plastic container to store your valuables.

6. Make use of a can tab to fix broken flip-flops.

7. Use a fitted sheet on the beach.

8. Create a waterproof underwater camera using a glass.

9. Use baby powder to stay sand-free.

10. Recycle frozen tea bags to combat skin inflammation.

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