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11 Great Sports and Outdoor Items From Amazon for Every Fitness Enthusiast

Searching for products in the field of physical activity can sometimes be overwhelming and exhausting. To help you search for sporting goods and outdoor items, 5-Minute Crafts has made a list of products you can get on Amazon for every fitness enthusiast.

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1. Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor

Top Pick

Observe your heart rate with the TICKR Heart Rate Monitor. You can connect it to 50 apps. The monitor is equipped with Bluetooth and ANT + technology and can be paired with smartphones, GPS watches, and bike computers.

Review: “Quality build for under £50. The strap is huge and easily adjustable. Paired to the Wahoo Fitness App without any problems and stayed connected for a 3-hour mountain bike ride last night. You can grant permissions in the app for data to be transferred to Strava and it did so without any problems. During my ride, the strap did not slide down or require any adjustments. Highly recommend!” Dave :)

2. App and Remote Control Folding Treadmill

Top Pick

You can turn this folding treadmill on and off and adjust the speed by remote control and the KS Fit app on your phone. The app also helps you track your progress and there is a child safety lock that prevents the machine from starting. The maximum user weight is 100 kg (220 Ibs).

Review: “We borrowed one of these from a friend and liked it so much we thought we’d purchase our own one! Great walking pad for the price ....and folds so takes up less space. I’d definitely recommend it.” Essexgirl

3. WorkoutLabs Exercise Cards

Top Pick

With these fitness cards, you will be able to exercise at home in a fun way, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a long-term exerciser. Improve your health and fitness with these portable, waterproof, and flex-resistant cards. They contain 60 exercises for the upper body, lower body, core, and full body HIIT categories.

Review: “My friend and I are using these to get us into shape, they work fab as a fun way to exercise together! Really easy to follow. I recommend.” Kayden-Red****

4. Manta Foam Roller for Back Pain

Top Pick

The Manta physio-roller is designed by a professional osteopath. The roller provides a deep muscle massage to relieve tension and reduce muscle pain. This foam roller for the back has a spinal groove design for targeting hard-to-reach muscles in the lower and upper back.

Review: “I have serious degenerative back issues and have had discectomy surgery twice, this roller 100% helps me, when I roll slowly on this you can hear air being released from spine joints and feel immediately that muscles have relaxed and movement is easier. If you have ‘blocks’ in your back just get one of these.” Domingo

5. Belay Glasses for Rock Climbing

Top Pick

Use these belay glasses when climbing rocks. The glasses have the perfect angle (60°) to belay your partner. Also, they can be used with eyeglasses and sunglasses. In the package, you get a hard case with a carabiner, a neck strap, a microfiber glasses cloth, and spare screws.

Review: “It’s amazing how your brain adapts. I thought using these glasses would be weird but really as soon as you put them on you don’t even notice them — they just work. I used them for the first time on a climbing trip to Greece last week. They were excellent. The case they come in is sturdy and protects them well. I can’t fault them at all. Very happy.” N.P.D. Doyle


Top Pick

If you are a fan of skateboarding, this is the right thing for you. Put Skater Trainers on the wheels of your skateboard, and you will quickly master tricks like ollies and kickflips, among others. It is sold in a set of 4 parts, one for each skateboard wheel, and fits on all types of skateboards.

Review: “Back skating after a 20 yr absence, skateboarding is not like ’riding a bike’ :-) You do forget!
These are fantastic to help you with learning the technical side of a trick safely — knowing that the wheels will not roll. Great product, does exactly what it claims to, fast delivery, and a decent price — thank you.” Pete.

7. Lumos Ultra Smart Helmet | Bicycle Helmet

Top Pick

For cycling enthusiasts, this is the perfect product. With LED lights on the helmet, you will be visible from all sides. You can also give signals with it when turning left or right, controlled by a wireless remote control located on the steering wheel. Use the team sync feature and track your rides from your phone. Battery life is up to 10 hours and uses a universal USB Type-C charging cable.

Review: “Looks good and is easy to adjust for a good fit. The charging port is a USB type ‘c’ rather than proprietary. Lights are bright and have the option of flashing. The turn indicators have an audible click in the helmet so you’re very unlikely to leave them on. Very good value for increased road safety.” AM S.

8. Sportstech ES600 Professional Recumbent Bike

Top Pick

The recumbent exercise bike for home use can withstand a user’s weight of up to 150 kg (331 Ibs). It has an app-compatible console and a tablet holder. With the help of a self-generator system, it automatically supplies the console with the necessary energy during training. In addition to leg muscles, train almost all major muscle groups, which will enable effective and balanced exercise that is easy on the joints.

Review: “Great bike, easy to build, sturdy, the app is easy to set up on tablet, no problems, item arrived on time even with coronavirus lockdown, the only thing I would say about design is no drinks holder but it a minor issue, overall 5*” Alison Alcorn

9. AiRunTech Hydration Running Belt with Bottles

Top Pick

You can run with this belt without thinking about what to do with your belongings like keys, phone, personal documents, and a water bottle. The belt also has a reflective tab on the pocket, which will make you visible during night running. Also, it has 2 removable race bib strap toggles that can hold your triathlon, marathon, or race number.

Review: “I received my bottle belt wondering why it was so hard to get the bottles into the holder, but did manage! Only for me to receive another one in the post yesterday and wondering why eventually reading my messages in my inbox I got a lovely message from you explaining that it was the wrong bottle size you’d sent. I’d have been none the wiser so thank you so much for your honesty. I used this excellent belt to run the London marathon this year. There’s plenty of space in the zip pocket and it didn’t move about when running. Would definitely recommend it. Thank you.” R Malley

10. Loop Mount Twist

Top Pick

This universal bike phone mount is made of light long-lasting metal. You can keep your phone in it without the need for a case. It is intended for all phones with a screen width of up to 85 mm (3.35 in). It can be placed on all standard handlebars from 22.2 mm to 31.8 mm. (0.87 — 1.25 in).

Review: “Most minimalistic phone holder for a bicycle. Recommend if you want fast delivery and good quality product.” Reino Altrov

11. Sportstech Innovative 8-in-1 Weight Bench

Top Pick

This fitness bench is one device that can be used for 8 different exercises. Work on your abs, back, arms, and legs on this bench. Along with it, you also get an XXL poster with 12 effective exercises. The bench is collapsible in a few seconds, easily moves to different positions, and is water-repellent and odorless. It has wide rubberized feet that will not scratch the floor and but will allow a stable grip throughout the workout.

Review: “Perfect, good quality, and timely delivery. Highly recommend.” Bobby G

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