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15 Times Designers and Architects Took It Too Far

Some people would say that an architect’s or designer’s job isn’t easy. Mistakes can often occur and this is something completely normal. However, some errors are worth mentioning.

5-Minute Crafts decided to make a list of the most interesting mistakes that made us chuckle.

1. A window on a window

2. Use these stairs with caution.

3. Slide for 3

4. Nice stairs, shame you can’t use them.

5. I don’t even know how this happened.

6. Poor choice of words.

7. This necessary portal

8. This new wall art in my office.

9. Stay Discover Longer More

10. Someone likes to make a splash.

11. This is an old folk’s home. It’s 3 stories high.

12. A bench that doesn’t drain.

13. From a Baseball Stadium that took 1.2 billion NT dollars to build, this sure exceeds the expectations.

14. I thought she was wearing a black dress and hands on her hips.

15. Unless the intent was mosquito breeding habitats, then well done.

Preview photo credit Lannart / Reddit
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