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12+ Christmas Photos That Would Even Make the Grinch’s Heart Grow 3 Sizes

Christmas is the most beloved holiday for millions of people around the world and this is not surprising. Christmas combines all the best that is in the world. And right now, unlike any other time, everyone wants to believe in miracles and magic. If you’re still not in the Christmas spirit, then these Reddit photos will fix that.

1. “Every Christmas my grandmother asks if I want the same present. Every year, since I was 14, I’ve said yes.”

2. “Well, that’s a weird looking Christmas tree.”

3. “My uncle’s Christmas ornament and now one of my faves”

4. “I wrapped my brother’s present in cement...”

5. “A Christmas pupper”

6. “Was inspired by a post earlier to wrap my Dad’s present like this. It’s a coat.”

7. “This is my Christmas present from my boss. I’m a 41-year-old man, and neither my first nor last names start with T.”

8. “My grandma has recently become Animal Crossing obsessed, this is her Christmas tree this year!”

9. “I wanted to disguise my son’s birthday present. It’s a PS5.”

10. “My cat enjoying Christmas”

11. “Festive decoration ideas for the hairy ones!”

12. “My sister thought this was a good way to stop her cat from destroying the Christmas tree.”

13. “Every xmas I give my kids a personalized card. This year I decided to mess with them.”

14. “My kind of Christmas tree”

15. “This will forever be my favorite picture of her. She loves Christmas.”

What traditions or things boost your Christmas spirit to the max?

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