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13 Cool Facts That Prove Extraordinary Is the Animal Norm

The animal kingdom can always surprise us, and some creatures are just great at doing so with their unique abilities. So if you’re a fan of nature and its wonders, you’ve come to the right place.

5-Minute Crafts has compiled 13 cool animal facts that will help you learn a bit more about these amazing species.

1. Although they’re not quite visible, a reindeer’s nose is actually kind of red.

This happens because multiple tiny veins transport warm blood throughout their nose so that the air they inhale is heated up, preventing reindeer from getting cold.

2. Ants can transport 50 times their own weight.

They can move even heavier objects when working as a team. This characteristic makes them one of the strongest species in the world.

3. Gorillas are very intelligent and there’s evidence of them using tools.

Scientists have observed wild creatures calculating the depth of streams with sticks, making bamboo ladders to help their babies reach high treetops, and creating cutlery to collect and eat stinging insects.

4. Wombats poop cubes.

Their intestines have the amazing ability to shape their feces into cubes. Since wombats usually use it to delimit their territory, it’s believed that these angular cubes are specially designed to prevent the poo from moving away and help it stay where it’s supposed to.

5. A rabbit’s ears can grow up to 4 inches long.

At the same time, rabbits can move their ears by 180 degrees, which allows them to be aware of predators.

6. Elephants protect themselves from the sun by using mud and sand.

After taking a bath in a swamp or river, elephants cover their skin by throwing mud over their own bodies.

7. Koalas seldom drink water.

In fact, these creatures’ name comes from an Aboriginal term that means “no drink.” It’s believed that koalas obtain almost all the hydration they need from leaves.

8. Polar bears have an outstanding sense of smell.

They can smell their prey even if they’re 10 miles away from them.

9. Dogs sweat but only through their paws.

At the same time, a dog’s sweat is a lot oilier than ours, and it has multiple chemical compounds that can be detected only by other dogs.

10. Some land snail species can sleep for 3 years.

They do so when weather conditions are not optimal for survival, which can either make them hibernate during winter or estivate during summer.

11. Bats can be found almost anywhere around the world.

Except for some isolated islands, polar regions, and extreme deserts, these creatures spend their lives in every habitat on our planet. While some species live in tropical forests, others are fond of places such as woodlands, wetlands, and grasslands.

12. Baby giraffes can run next to their mother only hours after being born.

Even though these creatures are brought into the world with a potential 5-ft fall, they’re able to stand on their feet within 30 minutes after birth.

13. Ravens can remember a person’s face.

In addition to this, these intelligent birds can hold a grudge against individuals who aren’t fair to them.

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