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14 Captivating Ads Prove Creative Marketing Is Here to Stay

Getting people’s attention can be very hard, especially when everyone seems to be in a rush. However, those in charge of advertising aren’t afraid to use their brilliance when it comes to promoting a product or service, which has led them to a whole new level of creativity.

5-Minute Crafts has compiled 14 pictures of cool ads that prove creative marketing is here to stay.

1. Amazon Prime Video is promoting a new season of this show with a very cool installation.

2. An eye-catching fishing billboard in Houston, Texas

3. This Versace perfume ad you can smell.

4. “Creative advert power washed into the dirty pavement”

5. This lonely bus is looking for a new driver in a genius way.

6. This mural promoting a supermarket is everything.

7. “This sticky note advertisement comes on a mini wooden pallet.”

8. “Cool advertising at Central Station (Sydney, Australia) sorry for the failed alignment. I was rushing to work.”

9. This adorable Chanel perfume ad for Mother’s Day.

10. This creative way to use cards

11. And there’s no other way to go!

12. That’s always a good thing to know when looking for a plumbing service.

13. “X good reasons for pros to choose this card.” It seems there are just too many.

14. Genius ad for The Batman movie in Croatia

Have you seen a cool ad recently? Share it in the comments!

Preview photo credit RabbiBallzack / Reddit
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