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14 Kid-Friendly Products on Amazon Perfect for Little Master Chefs

Cooking with children is a great way to have fun and connect as a family. But you may be worried that your kids will get hurt or make a massive mess. For all parents wondering how to make their children’s time in the kitchen fun and safe, 5-Minute Crafts has created a list of kid-friendly products on Amazon for those little master chefs.

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1. Dinosaur cookie cutter set (8 pieces)

Great Buy

Make your little ones happy with these dinosaur-shaped molds. The set contains 8 different shapes: T-Rex, Brontosaurus, Spinosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, a dinosaur head, a dinosaur footprint, and a baby dinosaur. It is made of stainless steel and can be used in temperatures of −40°F to 464°F (-40°C to 240°C)

Review: “Good size. Sharp cutting edge. Works well on bread and toast. One cutter uses up most of one slice of bread. The toddler likes playing with the toast almost more than eating it! 🙈”

2. Aoskie kids’ baking set with dinosaur apron, chef hat, and 34-piece children’s baking kit

Great Buy

Your kids will be overjoyed with this cooking set. They will be able to help you in the kitchen with complete protection. The set includes a dinosaur-themed apron, a chef’s hat, gloves, silicone molds, cookie cutters, cupcake liners, and other essential baking tools. It’s suitable for ages 3-8.

Review: “My son loves this dinosaur set. He really enjoyed using everything.” louise warren

3. HOUCHICS wooden step/stool for kids

Great Buy

With the help of this step stool, your kids will effortlessly and safely climb to reach the sink or the cookie jar. It is made of solid birch wood, resistant to mold and moths. The stool is easy to carry because it has an oval slat at the top. Also, its corners are rounded, so your kids don’t get hurt when playing around it. At the ends of the legs, there are safety non-slip pads.

Review: “Simple and stylish, great quality. Looks good and is the perfect size for young kids to reach the sink.” Maria

4. Tongker set of 3 building bricks robots/fondant silicone mold

Great Buy

Decorate cakes, cupcakes, candy, chocolate, or bread for your little ones. The molds are made of soft, flexible silicone that’s easy to pull out and wash. The package contains a set of 3 different pieces, the complete set of tools for making robots and blocks.

Review: “These were easy to use and helped me create an awesome cake for my granddaughter’s seventh birthday!” Chelan Ferguson

5. Creation Station textured wooden rolling pins

Great Buy

Your kid will be entertained for hours while rolling out the dough for models or pastries. In the set, you get one plain rolling pin and 3 more with different textures. The size of each rolling pin is suitable for small children’s hands.

Review: “This was a birthday prezzie for my little one for using with her playdough. She loves them. They are bigger than I expected, but not so big that a 3-year-old can’t use them. The 3 different textures all come out really well, and the plain one works well too. No splinters off them or anything, so they have been really easy to use.” M. Birbeck

6. Elf fairy silicone fondant cake/sugarcraft decorating mold tools

Great Buy

Create beautiful shapes of elf fairies with these silicone molds. They can be used at temperatures from −40°F to 446°F (-40°C to 230°C). Let your cake shine with fairy warmth.

Review: “I think this is an incredible little mold and a great value for the money. I did find it difficult to get the fairies out in one piece without making them distended. So a few tips: Firstly, do one fairy at a time. Lightly oil the mold and always put it in the fridge for a few minutes before removing it.
For their eyes, I used a needle and a small amount of black food coloring — just dipped the needle in and pierced the spot where the eyes were. They are difficult to decorate, so if you can, use colored icing carefully into the mold and you’ll get great results. Enjoy it, it’ll be challenging but rewarding too.” Digby do-dar

7. Potato chopper knife set (2 crinkle cutters and 2 fork slicing helpers)

Great Buy

With these vegetable and fruit knives, you can have a fun dinner with your children. The set includes 2 crinkle knives and 2 fork-slicing helpers. They are made of stainless steel and ABS plastic. The knives have a special handle and are designed to protect your hands and easily cut fruits and vegetables.

Review: “Great cutters. I use them for chips, salad, etc. Great for cutting food so my baby can hold easier for weaning. My toddler uses it to cut everything — it’s not sharp so it won’t cut his fingers. He has fun helping me cut up fruit, veggies, and some very random-looking sandwiches.” Strawberry

8. CCINEE silicone lollipop stick molds and muffin and cupcake molds

Great Buy

Your kids will be thrilled when you serve them some cake lollipops. The molds are made of flexible silicone, are easy to clean, and are heat resistant in temperatures of −40°F to 446°F (-40°C to 230°C). You can make 20 lollipops with just one cake pop tray.

Review: “My daughter loved her lollipop cakes. Made a standard cupcake recipe, filled the bottom mold, fitted the top mold, making sure all the edges were tight, and baked for 18 min at 160°C. Popped them out when they had cooled. I did have to run a knife around a few of them to smooth the edges. I found it easier to roll them in melted chocolate then add the stick or roll them in icing and ball with my hands, then add the stick.”

9. Joyoldelf kitchen knives/child safety knife in 3 sizes and plastic

Great Buy

With these knives, your kid will be able to help you prepare delicious meals without the risk of injury. They are made with non-slip handles, which makes them easier to use and increases precision. The set includes 3 knives of different sizes (toddler-friendly) and colors, along with a cutting board. Children ages 4 and up can use this set under adult supervision.

Review: “I bought this for my 2-year-old grandson to use when he is helping me cook — he eats far better if he’s helped make it. He loves having his own knives and chopping board, the knives really do cut food quite well but don’t cut fingers at all — I tried! My son-in-law thought I was crazy giving a toddler knives. He tried to cut his hand but couldn’t and had to admit they were a good buy! Recommended.”

10. Parent-child 2-pack bib apron

Great Buy

Enjoy cooking with your little one in these identical kitchen aprons. They are made of cotton and linen and can be washed in the washing machine. The apron for children is suitable for ages 3 to 8.

Review: “Granddaughter loves it. And we turn it inside out and use it when she’s painting.” Rosemary Marshall

11. Awesome Kitchen Science Experiments for Kids

Great Buy

There is nothing better than an edible experiment you can make yourself. This set will encourage children ages 5 to 10 to be interested in science. With this set, children can experience science, technology, engineering, art, and math in a fun way through cooking.

Review: “Bought this for a friend’s grandson who loves to cook and experiment. He loves it.” A J C

12. The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs

Great Buy

With the help of this baking book, kids will learn to cook effortlessly and in a fun way. The book has a step-by-step picture guide. Little cooks will be able to make breakfast, bread, pizza, cake, cookies, cupcakes, and much more. They will feel like pros.

Review: “Perfect little baking book for kids! Super yummy recipes that are of varying degrees of difficulty for your aspiring chef/baker! My daughter is 11 and loved this Christmas gift!” Christy Latchford

13. Kuou vegetable fruit cutter shape set

Great Buy

Your kids will enjoy delicious fruit and vegetable snacks with this cutter shape set. In the set, you will get 12 cutter shapes, 10 fruit picks, and 1 pastry brush. Delight your kids with vegetables and fruits cut in the shapes of flowers, hearts, stars, birds, fish, rabbits, bears, mushrooms, and carrots.

Review: “Love these! Easy to use, easy to clean. My daughter loves having tasty little fruit and veggie shapes in her lunch box!” T P SMITH

14. OTOTO Spaghetti Monster — a kitchen strainer for draining pasta, vegetables, and fruit

Great Buy

Why not have fun while straining your pasta, fruit, or vegetables in this cute monster strainer? It is made of quality material and can be washed in the dishwasher.

Review: “Bought 2 for each of my children’s families. It went straight to my granddaughter’s head and everyone thought they were brilliant. A fun item if you have the room to store it.” Christine Gally

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