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14 Things That Only People Who Are Old Enough Will Remember

Each generation tends to recycle the trends of the past decades. Experts say that it is a defining feature of pop culture. Over the past few years, we’ve noticed a lot of hype about everything ’90s, especially when we’re talking about music and fashion preferences of the iGen.

5-Minute Crafts has made sure you take a look at some cool 1990s items that were super-popular back then but were quickly replaced with new stuff and better technology at the beginning of the 21st century.

1. I’m old enough to remember when you had to wait at least 3 days for the mailman to deliver your favorite series.


2. “I found our old 3.5 inch floppy disks.”

3. “Just found this digging through some old raver stuff. Had a spare battery from fixing up an old Dreamcast, so I brought the ’lil guy back to life.”

4. “Mouse balls”

5. “Addams family pinball machine!”

6. “Anyone else had/still have CD wallets/cases?”

7. “While on vacation I stopped by my grandma’s house, and found this sweet ’80s BMC monitor. Apparently it is the very monitor my dad played his Commodore 64 on.”

8.“’90s Turbo Express portable gaming system. I’ve used that TurboVision accessory to get a movie displayed on that screen. BTW, a bit of trivia: A rubber prop of the Turbo Express was featured in the 1998 spy-thriller Enemy of the State.”

9. “Any Stranger Things fans? My 12-year-old son found his first great find at an estate sale for $5. Sony Walkman WM-8. The same one Max owns in season 4. It’s worth a lot, apparently.”

10. “My ’90s cassette tape collection...so far”

11. “I was cleaning and found old Kinder Egg Star Wars hippo toys. Wanted to share them.”

12. “Finally found a Walkman. Still need to test it, but super happy I got to take this home.”

13. “Got myself a Sega Game Gear for only *$80.00* on eBay! It came with Sonic 2 and works perfectly.”

14. “Flea market lot. 😍 ’90s toys, cat art, and haunted baby doll. 😍”

Have you owned any of these items? If so, which one was your favorite?

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