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15+ Crafty People Even Professionals Could Learn Something From

This article shows all types of human talent. These amazing people create stunning things we’d surely love to have.

5-Minute Crafts has collected some photos from internet users that we simply can’t take our eyes off of.

Needle-felted dog

This amazing handmade gown

“A jacket and hat at my grandma’s that my uncle carved out of wood”

Amazing beauty in every piece

“I make backgammon boards out of pressed leaves and foliage, and this is my favorite one so far.”

“Gave my first crystalline glaze workshop, and this is the mug I made/glazed as an example.”

“I built my baby a bed.”

“Someone threw out my mom’s wedding purse and it was ruined in the rain. I managed to save it and make a keepsake pillow.”

“A barn owl embroidered bag”

“A mailbox I’m building made of steel and copper”

“I made this lingerie set for a friend’s birthday!”

Someone may accidentally water these plants.

Pure art

“A gift to myself for my twenty-eighth birthday (a self-portrait)”

“I finished my most ambitious project to this day.”

“A leather bag I made”

“My mother crocheted this blanket from over 800 small flowers.”

Aren’t they real?

Bonus: “I made a phoenix entirely out of hot sauce packets.”

Preview photo credit Nicop0l / Reddit
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