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15+ Design Fails That Will Make You Shout, “You Had One Job!”

A good design ensures that the product you buy is user-friendly and serves its value well. However, sometimes things are unintentionally designed in a way where the designers don’t follow the rules and implement their own ideas. This eventually confuses the consumers, often in hilarious ways. We have gathered some instances below, so have a look.

1. “This bread packaging makes it look like it’s moldy.”

2. “The cat just trapped me in the bathroom by opening a drawer.”

3. “Almost broke my leg.”

4. “This pillow at my grandparents’ house”

5. “Yep, this is what an elephant looks like.”

6. “When your security gate is a ladder”

7. “It’s pretty good advice.”

8. “NeV York”

9. “There’s no place like hame.”

10. “They just won’t go together.”

11. “My grandparents’ carpeted bathroom”

12. “You got blocked by a chair.”

13. “My keyboard lights up, but you can’t see any letters at night.”

14. “This bench with 2 backs and no seat that I saw on a walk”

15. “Fish scale stairs at my grandma’s”

16. She looks exactly like Marge Simpson.

17. “I tried cleaning the stain off this mug until I realized it’s part of the design.”

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