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15 Exciting Gifts That Are Just Under 20£

Birthdays, moving into a new house, promotions — these are all special occasions that our friends and family like to celebrate. It is also a custom that we give them some unique or funny gift that they would like. If you have an occasion approaching soon but have no clue what present to get and the budget is tight, you don’t have to worry.

5-Minute Crafts prepared a list of some interesting gift ideas that are just under 20£ so you can surprise your loved ones.

1. Pictionary Air — light-up pen & clue cards

Buy the Pictionary Air here.

Pictionary Air is a nice gift for a family. They are great to have fun with at a party or during a game night. To use it, you’ll need to download the free Pictionary Air app, point the camera at the person who is taking the turn, and they will appear on the screen of your smart device. The person who has the light pen needs to make a sketch in the air while the other teammates guess what it is.

2. Cute animal socks

Buy Cute Animal Socks here.

Socks with unique patterns can be a great choice for birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, or as a house-warming gift.

3. Fragrant bath bubble fizzies

Buy Fragrant Bath Bubble Fizzies here.

This bath set offers rich bubbles and vibrant colors. Just put them in the water and enjoy the different scents and the velvety feel they leave on the skin.

4. Minecraft inspired water bottle

Buy the Minecraft Inspired Water Bottle here.

This is a perfect gift for a friend who is a Minecraft fan. Surprise them with this specially designed spill-proof bottle.

5. Enamel and glass coffee and tea mug

Buy the Enamel Glass Coffee and Tea Mug here.

A handmade, enamel glass mug with various patterns can be an elegant and functional present. You can use it for tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or other warm beverage.

6. Unicorn night-light for kids with a remote

Buy Unicorn Night-Light, With Remote, for Kids here.

A lovely gift for somebody who is a unicorn lover. You can use the remote to adjust the brightness and color.

7. Wooden elephant pen and phone holder

Buy the Wooden Elephant Pen and Phone Holder here.

This is a nice present for anybody who needs a stationery item to add to their desk. It is very functional as a pen holder, and you can also place your smartphone on it.

8. Funny Father’s Day gift

Buy Funny Father’s Day Gift here.

If you are wondering what gift to give your dad, spouse, or friend who is a father, you can go for this funny solution. It is safe for use in both the microwave and the dishwasher.

9. Wireless party microphone

Buy the Wireless Party Microphone here.

For the ones who like to sing, they can now do it anywhere and anytime with this special present. It has a long-lasting battery and intelligent noise reduction that can beautify the sound.

10. Jar of smiles

Buy the Jar of Smiles here.

This is a perfect and simple gift that you can give to somebody who you care about. Each jar has 31 loving, funny, and motivational messages.

11. Portable bedside lamp with Bluetooth speaker

Buy the Portable Bedside Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker here.

If you are looking for a multifunctional present, this is a perfect one. It’s a speaker and a light. You can change the brightness and the color of the light.

12. Magnetic wristband for tools

Buy the Magnetic Wristband for Tools here.

This is an interesting and a very useful gift for anybody who is handy around the house. They are lightweight and portable and can securely attach screws, nails, drills, etc.

13. Super Mario wired controller for Nintendo Switch

Buy the Super Mario Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch here.

The unique design is great for anybody who loves gaming and Super Mario. You can also choose a different pattern.

14. Funny cat home sign

Buy the Funny Cat Home Sign here.

Cat lovers would probably appreciate this as a housewarming gift. Surprise somebody with this cute and funny sign made of high-quality PVC material.

15. Rechargeable LED lighted beanie hat

Buy the Rechargeable LED Lighted Beanie Hat here.

This beanie can provide light while keeping the head warm. The LED light is removable and can be charged using any USB port.

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