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15 People Who Decided to Start a New Life and Began With Their Looks

Surely in every person’s life, there’s a moment when they decide to completely change things and start a new chapter. Sometimes people move or switch jobs, and that change may very well start with themselves and their appearance. Let’s take a look at these beautiful transformations and see how a change in one’s appearance can be the beginning of new adventures in life.

1. “Decided to shave my head bald and grow a goatee — I feel more confident now.”

2. “6 years between these photos”

3. “Accepted the fact that I was losing my hair and grew my beard out for the first time ever.”

4. “I did a thing!”

5. “I’ve been growing out my hair for 3 years since I first heard you can give it to a charity that makes wigs for children with cancer. Today was the day I cut it all off, sent it in, and started over again. Hopefully, I can make as many kids as possible happy with a new set of locks.”

6. “Decided to give myself a haircut, shave, and get new glasses — and I started to feel somewhat good about myself for the first time in a lifetime.”

7. “They’re off!!! So happy!”

8. “I’m a little bit anxious about posting this transformation, but here’s a small comparison of my current look with the old me from early 2020.”

9. “One day after cutting off 11 years’ worth of dreads”

10. “This change was not only physical but mental. My mindset changed, and I learned the importance of setting realistic goals and changing habits, which, in turn, transferred to other areas of my life, helping me to progress with my career and relationships.”

11. “Loose skin is hard, and the journey hasn’t been easy, but I’m living in ways I couldn’t before, healthier and stronger.”

12. “Took the suggestions of others and shaved my mustache and got a haircut.”

13. “Life becomes so much better when you allow yourself to eat and put strength/health as a priority.”

14. “Before and after photos from donating my hair to Angel Hair for Kids, where they make wigs for kids battling cancer! My friend (who also donated his hair) and I have also raised over $8,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society!”

15. “Update: 75 lb lost since I last posted, 125 lb total!”

Was there a moment in your life when you changed beyond recognition and became a totally different person (physically or mentally)? Share your stories in the comments!

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