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15+ Road Signs That Can Perplex the Most Experienced Drivers

There are so many road signs in the world that not only newbies but also experienced drivers can find themselves in a confusing situation when dealing with some of them.

We at 5-Minute Crafts invite you to get familiar with some of these signs and find out why they might seem unusual for tourists but normal for locals.

Watch out for servers ahead!

The road sign in the Netherlands warns car, motorcycle, and bike drivers that this road might be crossed by servers who are carrying cafe and restaurant patrons’ orders.

T junction with priority over vehicles from the right

This road sign can be seen in Great Britain. It warns that there is a left turn ahead, which means that you need to slow down while the person approaching from the right will be going straight on. Therefore, on one hand, you have priority, and on the other hand, you are cautioned to be careful to avoid a collision with a car approaching from the right.

Concealed driveway

This road sign can be found in South Africa and warns the driver that they are driving on a road that has several concealed driveways entering it, and the driver cannot easily see the road or traffic traveling on that road.

Speed bump

This road sign can be seen in Belize and warns that there is a speed bump ahead. That’s why the driver should slow down.

Minimum speed limit

This road sign in Vietnam tells you to drive at least 60 km/h on the road.

Stop sign

Perhaps you are used to seeing this sign a bit differently with the word STOP in the center, but in Japan, it can look the way shown in the photo above.

Risk of grounding ahead

This sign can be seen in the UK if you have to cross railways or a humpback bridge. The sign warns that large vehicles can get stuck due to the presence of elevation above the road level in these places.

Blind head or blind hill sign

In Iceland, this sign warns that there is an elevation ahead, which might prevent the driver from seeing an oncoming vehicle.

The zone of action of the national speed limit sign

This sign, common in the UK, tells drivers to follow the national speed limit on the road, which is 60 mph on one-way roads and 70 mph on 2-way roads.

Sled crossing the road

In Greenland, this sign warns drivers that a sled drawn by dogs may cross the road they are driving on.

Caution, iguanas crossing!

This sign warns you to slow down since iguanas may be crossing the road. In other countries, similar signs may indicate the possibility of meeting a jaguar (Guatemala) or a sloth (Costa Rica).

Comic road signs are designed in a similar way. For example, the one in the photo above warns residents and visitors of Norway about a possible meeting with a troll.

Overhead cable ahead

This sign warns drivers in the UK that the road ahead has an overhead electrical cable (like an overhead tram cable, for example). A special table is installed under such signs that indicates the maximum height a vehicle can have to pass it.

A sign with the word, “Ford”

It warns that there is a ford (shallow waterway) ahead that’s why the road might be partially flooded. Normally, such signs are installed where the water level can rise in winter or due to heavy rains, as a result of which the road becomes dangerous for some vehicles to drive through.

Stop when traffic signals are off or flashing.

This road sign is used in the state of New South Wales in Australia. If the traffic light doesn’t work or is flashing, the sign warns that the intersection is unregulated and you need to follow this sign and stop.

The magic roundabout

This sign in Swindon (UK) informs drivers that there is a “magic” roundabout ahead, which consists of 5 separate smaller roundabouts. Movement along each of them is carried out clockwise and counterclockwise along the central ring.

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