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15 Smart Designs We Can All Agree Are Amazing

Smartly designed things can make our lives easier, funnier, and better. Sometimes we just can’t imagine some things until we see them with our own eyes.

5-Minute Crafts has found designs that won’t leave you indifferent.

1. The Solstice bench: the circle shadows form straight lines only at the winter and summer solstice.

2. A creative table made for squirrels, with a screw to hold a corncob

3. A sport’s drink bottle that can be filled with sand and used as a dumbbell

4. “My shower has a pressure handle and temperature handle. I always have perfect temperature showers now.”

5. A bench that transforms into a table.

6. “This is an earthquake alert in an elevator. I live in a very seismic state, and have never seen this before. It was in a hospital elevator.”

7. Hands-only CPR kiosk in an airport

8. TV remote with a button for soccer

9. A smartly designed plug

10. Bicycle pizza cutter

11. Syringe light fixture outside of a hospital

12. A fire extinguisher hung on the image of a diver

13. The lighting at the supermarket

14. “If a public electric scooter is knocked over, the word ‘help’ becomes visible on the bottom.”

15. “My stapler has a gauge to tell you how many staples are left.”

Preview photo credit f03vral0n3 / reddit
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