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15 Things That Seem Completely Ordinary But That’s Only at First Glance

Take a look at an egg tied with a bow, a summer roll left too long on a desk, and gloves for working with cacti and you will understand that sometimes ordinary things have something to surprise you with.

“I’ve got a Burger King ketchup at McDonald’s.”

“My brother’s size 18 feet in dress shoes”

“Son found a pine cone with cool fungi”

I had an egg inside my egg

“This alligator resting its head on a turtle”

  • Turtle is fine and alive as of when I left. The turtle was just swimming around the lake paying no heed to the alligators sunbathing. The alligators didn’t seem interested in eating the turtles either. © jempai / Reddit

“We use hulk hands to move cacti at my work”

“This picture of my parents never actually happened, but these are 2 separate photos that fit perfectly together”

“I left a summer roll on my desk for 4 days. The bean sprouts are sprouting.”

“I found this sliced bread in a supermarket in Mexico. The slices are horizontal.”

“My Uber driver’s hair formed a perfect 25.”

“The birthday balloon cow has Italy on it.”

“Was cutting down a tree at a golf course and found a golf ball wedged in it”

“I found a triple Banana”

“One of my mother’s chickens laid an egg and tied it in a bow.”

“Off-center pupil I’ve had since birth”

If you look closely, you can notice something extraordinary right in front of your face. What unusual things have you found recently?

Preview photo credit NumberJ5 / Reddit
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