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15+ Times That Prove Life Always Knows How to Surprise Us, Even With the Little Things

Sometimes, in this adventurous journey called life, the universe shows her sense of humor by placing something in the right place at the right time or even giving you something unexpected to bring a smile to your face. For instance, imagine finding a human heart-shaped seashell on the beach or finding an 8-inch French fry that sounds too good to be true. We have gathered more examples like this below for you.

1. “This toilet paper roll has 2 cardboard tubes in it.”

2. “Was at the beach and found a shell with barnacles on it that make it look like an anatomically correct heart.”

3. “Found a stone with dried seaweed attached to it.”

4. “The corrosion on this water tap looks like a map.”

5. “My friend met a stranger at a wedding that looked just like him and was wearing the same thing.”

6. “My broken antenna on my car looks like a half-sunken boat.”

7. “My boyfriend’s homegrown potato looks like the Reddit icon!”

8. “The sun shining through my fish tank aligned perfectly on each knob.”

9. “My dog destroyed her toy cactus, and there was another sad cactus inside.”

10. “The angle of the sun removes the italics in the shadow.”

11. “I made a hidden glow-in-the-dark galaxy in my resin kitchen floor.”

12. “The sun hit this freshly-paved tarmac just right and made a real-life Rainbow Road through polarized lenses.”

13. “Giant puffball mushroom my sister found in the woods”

14. “This group we came across in a forest casually hiking in medieval outfits.”

15. “Sat on a bench outside an office and noticed my reflection in the window perfectly fit in the chair.”

16. “This French fry is 8 inches long.”

Have you ever had such surprising encounters in your life? Share your stories with us in the comments.

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