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17 Examples of Pure Creativity in Our Everyday Lives

People are different. This means that each of us will find a different solution to the same problem. Some productive decisions can be pure genius, while others are sort of genius too, but bizarre and funny at the same time.

5-Minute Crafts gathered internet users’ photos that show their creative approaches to various situations.

1. The sweetest way to apologize for an incident.

2. “Dogs need libraries too!”

3. “Build me a yacht with everything on board. I don’t care how much it costs!”

4. “The tenant, who was apparently quite solution-oriented, didn’t mind and built her house around the tree.”

5. “Free vegetable leaves for pets in my local supermarket‘s produce section.”

6. “My bathroom sign. It has been in my family since the ’40s.”

7. You are free to fill the crayon box with your favorite colors.

8. “The correct way to cut a lime.”

9. “You can purchase sewing needles that are already threaded.”

10. “A steampunk city information sign! Just need to press one of the buttons to turn the light on!”

11. “It’s The Best Day Everrrrrr!”

12. “This guy on my flight looking out the window with binoculars from the aisle.”

13. “These trees were grown to create a fence.”

14. “I built my daughter a lemonade stand using her old loft bed and she named it.”

15. “The construction guy near my house as a solar-powered fan helmet to stay cool.”

16. “This wildlife petting guide in Alaska...”

17. “My mom loves feeding the squirrels. Upgraded from a charcuterie board to a full picnic table.”

Preview photo credit Dmurph24 / Reddit
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