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18 Creative People Who Transformed a Pile of Garbage Into Treasure

Sometimes, life hits us with coincidences in the right place at the right time. There may also be instances when you come across an old object or an antique piece dumped somewhere, and it may turn out useful for you in some or many ways. Today, we present such moments that will prove this to be true.

1. “Husband: ’Honey It’s just an empty case, I am not climbing in for that.’ Wife (me): ’Just get in and get it. The case might be worth something, plus I have a feeling.’ Who was right? Well, it was the wife of course.”

2. “I found this ring in the dumpster on Monday! Had it appraised yesterday and found out it’s a handmade gold ring from the ’60s-’70s! Its 14k gold band is worth $200+ (stone is glass). I also found those tiny hands with it. Haha!”

3. “Thought you guys might like my fave trash pick ever: made my dad drive 25 min. one way in his truck in spitting rain while I sat with it to make sure no one else took it! 😂 Has the original record player inside also. I know it’s not everyone’s style but it’s like it was meant to be in my ’50s ranch!”

4. “This dumpster turned sofa!”

5. “I found this piece of plywood by the dumpster and thought it looked perfect to paint a landscape on it, and here is the result.”

6. “Took the back way home this evening and stumbled upon this beauty. The boyfriend has been shopping around for a gaming chair too!”

7. “Found 2 gift cards in the dumpster of the local thrift shop. I just checked the balance on them, and each one has $100 on it.”

8. “$175 watch was ’damaged’ for having a broken clasp. Took it to the watch repair kiosk at the mall and he said it wasn’t broken, they just didn’t know how to work the self-adjusting clasp.”

9. “I work as a school photographer. Best believe that when I pulled up at the elementary school I was photographing and saw the giant GORGEOUS mirror near the school dumpster, I snuck her into my back seat before heading into the school! 🤫”

10. “I just don’t know how you throw these away. Too cool.”

11. “I found 16,000 scratch-off tickets from the convenience store, where you could win snacks and stuff. Some jackpots evidently!”

12. “I found a pair of antipaparazzi pants at the thrift store.”

13. “Found in the dumpster. What a sweet soul as well, poor thing.”

14. “I got this chair, clock, table, and ottoman (in the back) out of a dumpster, $0.00.”

15. “Huge moon poster from 1969, the year of the moon landing, that I found in a paper dumpster, folder for scale”

16. “A message in a bottle I found floating off of Solomons Island, MD.”

17. “Found this rascal next to a dumpster, she made a great addition to the family and is by far my best dumpster diving haul.”

18. “A homeless person in my neighborhood curated a sidewalk library using books that the local thrift store throws out.”

What interesting items have you found while dumpster diving or at a random place? Share with us in the comments.

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