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20 Awesome Shadow Effects That Made People Look Twice

There are many fun ways to find happiness in little things, like, for example, shadows. Sometimes you create unique shapes using restricted light, while other times, they greet you unexpectedly with whimsical shapes, looking like a dragon, a fairy, a unicorn, or a perfect gradient.

5-Minute Crafts found excellent shadow effects to bring you some joy at this very moment in time.

1. ’’These guitars cast shadows on the wall that look like dragons.’’

2. ’’My friend’s shadow looks like the profile of a man’s face.’’

3. ’’This shadow from 2 different trees in my parking lot’’

4. ’’The shadow of this banana looks like a woman with long hair.’’

5. ’’The shadow on my guitar looks like a little man.’’

6. ’’The shadow from this glass bowl is lovely.’’

7. A shadow heart is disguised in a ring.

8. ’’The shadow of patio chairs on a stone tiled floor in daylight’’

9. ’’This plant’s shadow looks like a face.’’

10. ’’A long boy with a shadow of a man-dog.’’

11. ’’My jeans’ shadow looks like a face.’’

12. ’’The shadow correctly labels this dog.’’

13. ’’The shadow cast by these bars’’

14. ’’The shadow cast by my daughter’s rubber ring’’

15. ’’The shadow of a butterfly on a wooden surface’’

16. ’’The shadow on my lamp shade looks like a giant spider.’’

17. ’’The cameramen’s shadow looks like a labrador.’’

18. ’’The shadow from the toilet paper roll looks like a hummingbird.’’

19. ’’This giraffe’s shadow looks like a unicorn.’’

20. ’’A jacket that made this cool face 4 years ago’’

Stumbling upon shadows is super fun, whether they look unusual or familiar. Sharing them with others is even more enjoyable. Have you ever captured any shadow pictures? Please comment below! 👇👇

Preview photo credit thedogpicguy / Reddit
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