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20 Designers Who Failed Trying to Be Creative

Strange inventions often, as if by magic, freely pass all stages of management control and are brought to life. In this article, we put together a collection of 20 design examples that raise a lot of questions.

1. “The ad literally says, ’Modern kitchen, great layout, bright and spacious!’”

2. “Restaurant bathroom sink, made from...wood”

3. “You can wave your hand to see pictures of what’s in each case, but the only way to know what’s in stock is to open it.”

4. “Circles have already won!”

5. “Look at her arms (found on a cruise ship I was on).”

6. “Foll is my favorite season.”

7. “Each of the blue dots on this fire escape map says ’you are here.’”

8. “Wbeleusuve to our home.”

9. “A nutrition label that you can’t read until you buy and open the product”

10. “Gave myself eye strain trying to read this can of room spray.”

11. “I just bought this pill box.”

12. “I just saw this gem on my job site on Friday.”

13. “I found this spopky Halloween decoration at my work.”

14. “I don’t think that’s how mouths work.”

15. “All I want is to reduce the volume.”

16. “I wanted a cordless mixer. This is not a cordless mixer, but the box strongly implies that it’s a cordless mixer.”

17. “These cups are stacked horizontally instead of vertically, taking up all the walking space.”

18. “Toilets in the hotel where I’m staying”

19. “I don’t really need help messing up my child, but thanks anyway...”

20. “It’s not even angled or anything to guide the drainage. It just dribbles onto the floor.”

“If I came across one of these I would just stand with my hands up, confused.” © littlegingerfae / Reddit

What’s the most epic fail you’ve seen at your office? Do you point out to your colleagues the mistakes in their work?

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