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20+ Examples of Serving Dishes That We’d Rather Not See in Restaurants

We don’t really understand why some restaurateurs don’t use regular plates. Seeing some of these “masterpieces” makes us want to look into the eyes of the people who created them and question their thinking.

5-Minute Crafts collected photos provided by Internet users that will make you forever grateful to see white plates at mealtime.

Cracked tooth in 3...2...

Glazed donut grilled cheese hanging over tomato soup

“Fried cheese served in a shoe — conveniently, it was a really stinky cheese too.”

Pasta, sauce, and bread in a wire cone

Why complicate things?

Bread inside a purse

The kids’ meal was served in a hat. The 7-year-old recipient stated, “Yeah, this is kinda weird, Dad...”

“Tacos in cups — my 8-year-old daughter insisted I share this with you.”

Guys...sushi on a tree

“I have a sinking feeling about this quesadilla.”

“Freshly-squeezed lemonade I ordered”

“’A walk in the park,’ and yes, these are actual worms.”

“Our corn chips came in a rusty bucket.”

“My school’s cupcake delivery system”

“I ordered my soda in a to-go cup.”

“Python and creamy potatoes served in a, um...*checks notes*...wooden violin?”

“Well, I actually like this one.”

“I love mango pudding, but they made it into the shape of corn. I hate corn, so this is a nightmare for me.”

“The juices dripped onto my legs through that nice crack in the board.”

“They gave me a mirror so I can look at myself eating.”

Great presentation

These are actually plates.

Tonight’s special...an $8 avocado half with salt labeled as “guacamole”

When you don’t want to do the dishes:

“A friend ordered tiramisu. Why sugar the lid?”

Bon appétit!

Caesar salad in a jar?

Preview photo credit oknp_ / Reddit
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