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20+ Interesting Photos That Prove How Awesome Winter Can Be

When winter arrives, people often think about cuddling in their beds, having a cup of hot chocolate, and enjoying their favorite movies or books. However, it can also bring about the most unexpected situations that leave no one indifferent.

5-Minute Crafts has compiled 20+ interesting photos that show how awesome winter can be.

1. “The way my windscreen froze”

2. “It’s −17°F degrees in western PA in the US right now.”

3. “’Forget about the Arctic cold and surf the lake,’ they said. ’It’ll be fun,’ they said.”

4. “I live in Central Alberta, it got down to roughly −49°F tonight. Woke up to frost in the corner of my bedroom.”

5. “This floating ice shelf after the water level drops”

6. “The way this water froze to the fence”

7. “Driving through freezing rain turned my wheels into something from Mad Max.”

8. “The way water started freezing in my backyard”

9. “This is Canada. Saw this while skiing. It was a little cold.”

10. “It’s been so cold, I snapped my welcome mat!”

11. “It was so cold last night, my lava lamp froze.”

12. “A can of sealant in cold winter weather sprayed some of its contents, which immediately froze in place.”

13. “Inside the vestibule at work, the doors are a little cold.”

14. “The footprints on the sidewalk outside my house froze.”

15. “Now that it’s freezing in Belgium, our water fountain makes an ice tower.”

16. “This mailbox after a few hours of freezing rain”

17. “My pond froze with a design resembling neurons”

18. “Snow collected on top of my kids’ basketball hoop, Utah 12/15/2021.”

19. “The windchill is −21°F and some kids just egged our house. They froze instantly.”

20. “How the water froze in my gutter spout and formed an ice dragon”

21. “Water froze in our kiddy pool and now we have a giant Eggo.”

22. “Behind a frozen waterfall in Minneapolis, MN, 1/15/2022”

23. This frozen building in Greece

24. “Frozen dandelion”

25. “A willow tree in my parents’ backyard after a freezing rain storm”

26. “Ice coming out of this hole in a hand railing”

27. “This Christmas bush under a smooth blanket of snow”

28. “How the water froze on the lake by my house”

29. “Snow covering the net roof of the aviary in the zoo”

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