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20+ Old Objects That Still Look Cool and Are Completely Usable, Even After Many Decades

It’s no secret that antiques can be precious, especially when they have sentimental value. However, some old objects have proven that they can be more than just family treasures, as they can still provide beauty and functionality.

In this article, we’ve compiled 20+ photos shared by Reddit users who own cool and completely functional objects from the past.

1. “My grandmother received this Aerolux bulb as a baby gift in 1948. It still lights up.”

2. “61 years ago, my parents received this waffle maker as a wedding present in 1961. It still makes great waffles.”

3. “Still operational, an original 1957 wall mount refrigerator”

4. “This is my new 100-year-old bed. I’m absolutely in love.”

5. “My parents’ 45-year-old microwave still works perfectly.”

6. “Here’s my Revereware collection. My family bought some of these in the ’60s, the rest came from thrift shops. I cook with them almost every day.”

7. “The beautiful Art Deco ring I inherited on my wedding day. It was my great-aunt’s, and since she had no children, she gave it to my mom, who gave it to me. It’s still in its original box.”

8. “My in-laws were brilliant: Le Creuset, purchased in 1977.”

9. “My grandmother still has her WWII Frigidaire Refridgerator, still works without a hitch!”

10. “My girlfriend’s 1950s Frigidaire stove, which is replacing a far newer and much harder to fix stove.”

11. “Our Singer sewing machine — it’s 100 years old and works perfectly.”

12. “My 97-year-old Waterman 52”

13. “My ’new’ 60-year-old Swiss army salt and pepper backpack”

14. “A Hunter Century fan that my grandfather bought in the ’40s. It’s 70 years old and still the quietest and best fan I have ever had.”

15. “Still using this 1950s Borg bathroom scale; it’s still (sadly) quite accurate!”

16. “My 1974 Sansui 881.”

17. “I inherited this toaster from the 1920s around 10 years ago and it’s worked great every single day.”

18. “30 years ago, I received this gift from my grandparents. Today, I get to pass it on to my son.”

19. “Successfully ruining my mornings since 1996”

20. “An old, metal, pocket-sized grocery list!”

21. “A Coleman Snow-Lite Low Boy cooler from the ’60s, gifted to me by my grandparents who picked it up from a thrift store nearly 20 years ago. Still holds ice for nearly a week!”

22. “I use it every day, works better than any stove I have ever owned. Only 90 years old — I guess the company was well-named: Reliable.”

23. “A Brewmatic, built-in coffee maker. It’s been waking me up for over 30 years.”

24. “When my grandma moved to a retirement home, she gave me her popcorn popper. She would walk my sister and me to Blockbuster and then make popcorn every time we spent the weekend with her as kids.”

25. “Just inherited this pan from my late grandfather. He was 93; this pan is at least 115 years old.”

Do you think that certain things worked better in the past? Do you own any old objects that still work well, even after decades? Show us in the comments!

Preview photo credit AwkwardGrimace / Reddit
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