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20+ Ordinary Things That Have Something Extraordinary About Them

When we start to think that we’ve seen everything and nothing can surprise us, it seems that the universe begins to show us things that make us gasp with amazement.

5-Minute Crafts would like to show you some Internet users’ photos of seemingly ordinary things that still have something extraordinary about them.

It seems that these pumpkins have been grown by Hagrid with the help of the “swelling solution.”

This almond looks like a pendant.

“Today I found out my level has glow-in-the-dark boarders.”

“My parents’ silverware is purple.”

The best chamomile for fortune telling

Black ice cream — we wouldn’t mind trying it!

A solar park bench with USB charging ports

“I came across a typewriter for writing music.”

It seems this potato is declaring its love to the world.

This color is unbelievable.

“My girlfriend’s new perfume looks like a bottle of cleaner.”

“My cousin’s samurai sword shift knob”

Are we in a forest or a bus?

“My grandparents have a fish pond in their living room.”

“I can’t stop staring at this parrot tulip.”

Have you ever seen such a fire extinguisher?

The sinks inside the Le Creuset headquarters are Dutch ovens.

“2 roses are growing out of the dying remains of the other rose.”

“A perfectly round rock I found at the beach”

The gradient this clump of blueberries makes

“This weird lemon grew on our lemon tree.”

“I went hiking and found a rock/log that resembled a giant moss puppy.”

“The benches at my local library”

This tree grew inside the STOP sign.

Fibonacci dandelion

“The sand in Tahoe is magnetic and stuck to my phone like this.”

“I left my mop outside and it grew grass.”

“This eagle struck a pose on the top floor of a mall.”

Bonus: ants carrying a glove up a lamp

Preview photo credit ri4nn3 / Reddit
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