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20+ Ordinary Things Tweaked by Genius Minds

In this article, you will see simple things become a bit more complicated after true geniuses get their hands on them.

5-Minute Crafts has collected some photos that should be in all teaching materials for marketing, humanitarianism, and thinking outside the box.

“The guy who does the grass for my building left a rectangle of wild flowers so the bees can use them.”

“Had to pay 50 cents to use the restroom, but there is a cutout for kids to use it for free.”

This mall has a “husband depository” with massage chairs and phone chargers.

These batteries are flavored so kids won’t eat them.

“These ice spheres that I just found out my new fridge makes”

“My oven shows the time that you started cooking in case you didn’t set a timer.”

“How well our movers ’Tetrised’ our stuff”

“This urinal makes for a pee-free floor at a local restaurant.”

This guy makes pizza using volcanic vents on the Volcán de Pacaya in Guatemala.

“My daughter made a wallet chain out of can tabs!”

“A security camera inside the car wash is equipped with a squeegee wiper.”

“Archived the perfect self-retaining cable wrap.”

“This built-in eavestrough I saw”

These toilets are distinguished by chromosome notations rather than by gender.

“These straws are made out of pasta so they don’t dissolve like paper.”

“The supermarket I work at sells horizontally sliced bread.”

“I built the $800 Lego Millennium Falcon set out of parts I already had.”

Why not?

And now this is a flatbed car.

“Freehand art I painted on my pool steps”

The parking lines at this dentist’s office in Dublin are toothbrushes with some toothpaste.

“Made a greenhouse out of old windows and some leftover timber.”

“My friend assembled a tiny tree house for her plants.”

“My sister replaced her office chair wheels with rollerblade wheels.”

Preview photo credit Snackbot4000 / Reddit
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