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20 People Who Proved That Sometimes Thrift Stores Can Be Gold Mines

Today, in order to find some real treasure, it’s not necessary to sail on a ship to distant lands. Small but valuable treasure is all around us. Sometimes, it can be found in the most unexpected places, and many Reddit users prove this to be true.

1. “I’m still shocked. Solid wood 7.6-foot-long table for $35.99!”

2. “Found this cookie jar in great shape for $6.”

3. “Thrifted the perfect outfit to see Jinx Monsoon and Ben De La Crème’s holiday drag show in Detroit last week. $16 at Savers!”

4. “My grandma gave us her ~25-year-old Christmas cookie plate. Today, I found the matching cup for $1 at a small local thrift store!”

5. “My first Stephen King novel, which I found at a thrift store for $3! Let’s go!”

6. “Found a uranium glass walking cane at the flea market this afternoon... Can’t get a good picture of the glow right now.”

7. “My grandma is an avid thrifter and worked flea markets decades ago. For my birthday this week, she sent me this vintage 1960s Peter Max silk scarf and 1969 Life magazine article about him. Both were thrifted a long time ago!”

8. “Got Butters a sweater at the thrift store. Best dollar I’ve ever spent!”

9. “This piece of China pottery I found on the beach”

10. “A crazy find at my local thrift store, still sealed!”

11. “Found this beauty this morning.”

12. “Flea market find...a sterling silver and turquoise bolo signed L. Yazzie. Weighs 200 grams total.”

13. “I finally found some!!! $10 each ($50 total) at the flea market this morning, Le Creuset cast iron.”

14. “I got a piece of clothing from a thrift store, and it had a movie ticket from 1997 in the pocket.”

15. “I work at a thrift store and they asked me to clean out the room where we keep all the game stuff because it got too cluttered and they said I could pick out and buy what I wanted.”

16. “Something you don’t see every day, sealed Bionicle canisters in a thrift store, got these 2 bad boys yesterday for $14.”

17. “Ummmm...catch and release...”

18. “$1 thrift store find today”

19. “Thrifted this GORGEOUS princess dress yesterday for only $18! I looked it up and it retails for $600-$700.”

20. “Found a new with tags $850 dress for $3.50.”

Have you ever managed to find something unusual in thrift stores? What was it?

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