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20+ Photos From People Who Came Across Really Interesting Antique Objects

There’s no doubt that antique items can be very curious and interesting, as they give us a hint of how things worked in the past. Although these objects can be rare and hard to find, some people have been lucky enough to come across them.

5-Minute Crafts compiled 20+ photos from Reddit users who found random “gems” in their relatives’ houses or their own.

1. “I found this opening year Disneyland guide booklet at my grandma’s house.”

2. “I found this fish in the basement of my new house, so interesting.”

3. “It was my grandma’s ninety-fifth birthday, so I cooked for her. I asked her where she kept the salt and she said, ’I barely use salt, but if it’s there, it’s way in the back of the cabinet.’ It turns out the only container of salt she has is dated from 1965!!! It worked, and salt doesn’t really expire!”

4. “The vacation house we rented has a toaster built into the wall.”

5. “I found a suitcase with these shoes inside a wall.”

6. “I found this old silver tea set in my house. My grandparents were pretty rich, so I know this is real silver and that it’s pretty old. I’m in Jacksonville, FL, but my grandparents lived in Philly for a while.”

7. “I found a treasure chest in the ceiling of my new house.”

8. “Found this in a house we’re restoring. Interesting that it’s not just a photo in a frame.”

9. “I was clearing out my late grandad’s house and came across this.”

10. “I found these birthday invitations behind my parents’ fireplace mantel. Their home was built in 1883.”

11. “I was digging in my garden and found him buried deep in the mud! I cleaned him up and he’s in good shape.”

12. “An old Van Buren 1920s Swiss pocket watch I found at my grandparents’ house”

13. “I found this old razor while helping my grandma clean some cupboards.”

14. “I found this cauldron half-buried whilst doing a clean-up of the fields surrounding my house. It’s an old family cooking cauldron. My grandmother remembers cooking potatoes in it as a child, but it was there before her time.”

15. “I found this gorgeous, old book today that my mother bought about 23 years ago. Neither of us read or speak German, so we’re not entirely sure what type of book it is, but we think it may be poetry. There is a 4-leaf clover pressed within the first few pages and it’s dated 1884.”

16. “Cleaning up the house and found an old accordion hidden away. I looked and looked for the name ’Oreto’ but couldn’t find a brand. It seems very old and made in Italy.”

17. “I found this in my garage.”

18. “I found an old spelling book in my grandmother’s things.”

19. “Found this while helping my grandpa move. He says it was a gift from his dad and is from around 1910.”

20. “A pair of glasses I found in a dresser in my aunt’s house! Not a clue who they belonged to or how old they may be.”

21. “I found some of my grandmother’s old spices.”

22. “Cleaning out my in-law’s house and came across this gas-powered iron.”

23. “I found this pocket watch that belonged to my grandfather (born in 1901) today and it still works!”

Have you ever uncovered any interesting objects in your house? Tell us in a comment!

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