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20+ Photos From People Who Stumbled Upon Things That Were Perfectly Lined Up

Some things are meant to fit or line up perfectly, such as a puzzle or a pot lid. However, other things have been touched by the magic of coincidence, making them fit perfectly in the picture for people who are attentive to such moments.

Today, we’ll show you a compilation of 20+ photos taken by people who came across things that were perfectly aligned.

1. “My wife was wearing the right jacket at the right time in Pleasanton Ridge, CA.”

2. “I sold my sofa over Facebook. The buyer sent me this photo.”

3. “I had a pair of prescription lenses that fit perfectly in my mask. I could see all the fishies clearly!”

4. “How this wood is stacked”

5. “The sun shining through my fish tank aligned perfectly on each knob.”

6. “This rubber band in my work computer’s keyboard”

7. “Watching Big at a hotel, and Josh’s mom is talking to the microwave.”

8. “My curved TV in the corner of my bedroom”

9. “Finally, a hotel that understands...”

10. “Bird person”

11. “My dinner plates apparently fit perfectly in my pan lid. But now I can’t get it out.”

12. “The way the veins of the leaf align on the creases of the hand”

13. “The sunset perfectly aligns with the skyscraper.”

14. “The commentator’s wrist and cuff complete this man’s head.”

15. “A soda can in the railing”

16. “The way all the veins in the rocks line up”

17. “The sun’s light perfectly aligned with the blue line’s safety line.”

18. “I finally got a picture of my cat looking at the camera.”

19. “I’ve been planning this since last summer, and finally, the stars aligned. The Milky Way arching over Half Dome at Yosemite National Park.”

20. “How well our movers Tetrised our stuff”

21. “How perfectly our cereal boxes fit in this shelf in our dorm”

22. “This hair tie stuck in my shoe tread”

23. “I couldn’t find my sunglasses in the car.”

24. “I accidentally dropped a tuna can in my sink...”

25. “Our doormat fits perfectly into our new place’s entrance.”

26. “My neighbor’s tree fits perfectly in my window.”

Have you ever taken any photos of how things fit or aligned perfectly? Tell us in the comments!

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