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20+ Photos That Prove Surprises Might Be Lurking Around the Corner

Surprises are everywhere. You can just walk down the street and see a giraffe-painted crane, a live zebra, or a tree growing out of a wall. Don’t forget to look around — you will definitely see something unusual.

5-Minute Crafts decided to make a compilation of the coolest things we’ve found to make you feel great. And there’s something really unusual in the bonus part.

This spider’s web is different

“I haven’t seen my dad in 2 months... We both recently bought new sneakers.”

“I bought a new cruiser and noticed it came from the same tree as another one.”

“Saw this beauty today”

“I planted sunflowers 82 days ago. The largest has just surpassed 10 ft /3 m tall.”

Have you ever seen so many iPods at once?

“In 27 years of life, today is the first time I’ve seen this.”

“My local library loans out cake pans.”

Fossilized ammonite in a wall tile at an airport

“I left the key in the shed door during a very windy night and the keyring wore a circle into the wood.”

“A condemned apartment complex on my way to work had a tree growing out the side of it.”

This maple leaf stopped the water from turning into ice in one place and made a cool outline.

“My backyard is full of 4-leaf clovers.”

This crane is painted to look like a giraffe’s neck.

This zebra cruising around town in a G-Wagon.

“Saw a flower with a check pattern.”

“This extra wide piece of asparagus from my garden”

“My pizza looked just as good as the picture on the box.”

This doorframe is a miniature castle.

“I grew some neat sugar crystals at home.”

“This extremely windswept tree I encountered during a hike”

“The way the water droplets formed at the edges of my cantaloupe leaves”

“I found a red onion that was actually red, not purple.”

“This tree grew over the sign, but under the paint.”

Bonus: “A few months ago, I stabbed a bottle of hand sanitizer with a tack. Something is now growing on the tack”

Preview photo credit T3nacityDog / Reddit
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