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20 Photos That Prove Winter Is Not Just “Brrr, It’s Cold,” but Actually a Very Beautiful and Fun Season

Winter is the least favorite time of the year for many. And it is absolutely undeserved! Although it can be very cold in winter, this time of year, like any other, has a lot of advantages. And these Reddit users will prove to you that winter is actually amazingly beautiful and fun.

1. “A winter frame in Finland”

2. “My uncle visiting from the Philippines has never seen snow. This is what happened today.”

3. “I drove into a deep winter forest at night, and it looks like I’m in some Stephen King story.”

4. “A winter scene in Norway”

5. “Our house after 65 inches of snow in 3 days... There has to be some sort of silver lining, right?!”

6. “So it snowed on the cabbage field...”

7. “This year, I started taking my neighbor’s dog for walks, and his joy for life has kept me positive through the long winter.”

8. “My Among Us snow sculpture took 1st place.”

9. “During a dusting of snow in Cambridge yesterday, my friend saw me taking photos outside and shouted from her window ’Wait! I bought a new coat which *needs* to be worn in the snow!’”

10. “Snow-covered net roof of the aviary at the zoo”

11. “The shadow left the snow on the roof untouched.”

12. “Winter in Toronto, Canada”

13. “Freshly fallen snow”

14. “Christmas lights under snow”

15. “This is flat farmland in Eastern Colorado with windblown/melted patches of snow creating a crazy 3D illusion.”

16. “The snow has settled only on the outline of the bricks on my friend’s driveway.”

17. “My son’s first time in the snow”

18. “When you wake up to 40”- 44″ of snow in one night"

19. “We got 28 inches of snow in NY this past week, he was determined to play regardless.”

20. “Lovely wintersday in Amsterdam”

What are your favorite winter activities and why? Tell us in the comments! Or even better, share your coolest winter photos with us.

Preview photo credit dittidot / Reddit, Buck_j / Reddit
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