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20+ Pics That Prove Reality Can Exceed Expectations

Sometimes we want simple things, like a milkshake, some pizza, or even a manicure, to bring us a lot of joy. And in our article, you’ll find photos where reality came as a very nice surprise.

5-Minute Crafts is showing you various “expectation vs reality” examples where reality won. The bonus feature will show you that one should make their wishes as detailed as possible because they can come true with absolute preciseness.

Exactly the same

Another variation of a cool cake

Just like in the commercial

“I think I did pretty well.”

This employee deserves a gold STAR for this one.

Lived up to its name!

“A lot of pepperoni!”

Craving to try it

“Turned out better than expected.”

This shake looks exactly like the picture.

“$7 from Walmart, not bad”


Perfection in both cases

“My veggie pizza looks exactly like the one on the box, 10/10!”

Perfection in each candy

Cookies can impress too.

They nailed it!

“I expected to be disappointed. I was not.”

Find 10 differences.

“Tried my ultimate best. My 4-year-old was a kind critic.”

“This snack looks just as good as what is advertised on the box.”

“My boyfriend’s birthday lunch came out looking exactly like the restaurant’s photo.”

“I gotta say, the picture was pretty accurate this time!”

This cookie exceeded all expectations.

Perfect frozen pizza

“The Mario cake we made for our son’s birthday”

Exactly what I need!

Bonus: “Didn’t think they’d do the arrow too! Haha!”

Preview photo credit MattCatt / Reddit
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