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20+ Pics That Prove We Really Do Look Younger Than People in the Past

There’s a belief that claims aging has changed over the last decades and now we look and feel younger than our parents did at the same age. Whether it’s the makeup, hairstyle, or clothes, photographic evidence often suggests that this theory is true.

1. “My grandma at 16. She is turning 80 this year. She makes me laugh every day. I love this woman!”

2. “My grandma at age 22. 1948, Niagara Falls.”

3. “My grandma, my mom, and me, all around the same age.”

4. “My great-grandfather at the age of 14. He’s almost 104 today.”

5. “My handsome grandfather when he was 32 years old.”

6. “My 18-year-old grandmother, Concetta.”

7. “My grandmother, age 16 (Mexico)”

8. “My great uncle Bill in 1952, age 18”

9. “My 16-year-old great-grandfather”

10. “My grandmother on her confirmation day in 1941. She is 14 years old in this picture and she made her own dress.”

11. “1940 My grandad (17 years old in this photo) with his mother”

12. “Japan, 1950s. My grandfather on the day of his coming of age ceremony (20 years old).”

13. “My 16-year-old grandmother, 1922”

14. “My 14-year-old grandfather riding his new bike in 1949 Dayton, Ohio”

15. “My grandmother in 1935 when she was 14 years old. She was a working woman and mother her entire adult life.”

16. “60-year-old photo from 1960. My grandpa in his early 20s. The letter in his pocket is a love letter from my grandma.”

17. “My grandmother at 16 years old in 1917”

18. “My grandmother at 24 in 1934, dancing with my grandfather”

19. “Me and my dad. 1982 and 2021. Both age 20, 39 years apart.”

20. “My grandma, age 18 in 1947, wearing a locket of her grandfather’s hair.”

21. “My grandpa at age 17 in 1949.”

Bonus: Dwayne Johnson at 16 years old and in his 40s.

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Which picture surprised you the most? Do you have any other examples of young people looking older than they really were? Show us in the comments!

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