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20 Seemingly Useless Inventions That Made Us Face Our Judgmental Souls

You need a quick mood boost, but you only choose useful content? This article contains examples of brainy solutions that combine resourcefulness and a sense of humor. These accidentally invented things may cause smiles and smirks, but at the same time, may turn out to be useful.

1. “Frugal engineering”

2. “Solving the eternal dilemma like a pro”

3. “A tree fell on my fence. Making the best of it while I negotiate the repair.”

4. “My mom’s boyfriend built an outdoor urinal”

5. “My mom’s cats watching TV while in the dryer”

6. “My eggs came with a newsletter.”

7. “My new toilet seat glows in the dark”

8. “Saw these ultra-minimalist public chairs”

9. “My phone bill has hidden instructions for making a paper airplane.”

10. “This house is being sold as ’Not Haunted.’”

11. “This crane that is painted like a giraffe”

12. “Managing the keyboard stomper”

13. “Sat on the balcony and shot candy bars down the candy chute. Tons of fun for all involved.”

14. “Blind cord bumping and tapping in the wind at night? Oh no, not on my watch.”

15. “It’s Crazy Hair Day at my daughter’s school”

16. “Puppy jail to give their mom a break”

17. “Found at a laundromat. Yes, you can still press the buttons.”

18. “Lost the screw cap for our air mattress. This was the third bottle I tried.”

19. “Not going to let a broken pizza cutter stop me from cutting pizza!”

20. “Coworker kept taking my hole punch. Well, not anymore.”

“I drilled a hole into it and put a padlock on it.” © Hunter_Rodrigez

What methods do you usually use to boost your mood? Tell us in the comments.

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