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20+ Things That Seem to Be Something Else

Sometimes reality doesn’t seem that predictable anymore: the sky blends into the sea, a pepper becomes too bold, and a mousse meets you with a smile. You’ll find all of this and much more in our article.

5-Minute Crafts decided to share the coolest of these photos with you.

The colors of the sea and sky blend in so well, that it seems they’ve become one.

This propane tank was painted to look like a watermelon.

This basket, flattened by a semi-truck, now looks like a 3D picture of a basket.

What do you see: A musical note or a bird?

This building looks semi-transparent because of the reflection.

These ripped tights look like a city skyline.

“I waterproofed my footwear on this stump in my back yard. Now every time it rains it looks like someone was standing there with wet shoes.”

A natural cameo formed on this stone.

“I run past this broccoli tree every day.”

The wall of this building matches almost perfectly with the sky.

This moth has spots that look like skulls on its wings.

“We see a fat animal sitting in this flowerpot, how about you?”

“This rock I found looks like a shark.”

These socks look like a curled up black cat.

This pepper is ready to fight.

“My husband removed some plaster because of water issues. The way the plaster fell off looks like Bart Simpson.”

This carrot is shaped like a perfect cowboy boot.

“My mousse has a smile.”

This spilled water looks like a surprised anglerfish.

These clouds in Oklahoma are just amazing.

A giant dog over a vast and rugged cliff face

When the sun is directly overhead, almost no shadows are produced.

This cat’s claw got stuck in the curtain and lit up like a lightbulb.

Preview photo credit BRQuick / Reddit
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