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20+ Things That Were Waiting to Be Found

Some beautiful things from the past can be found in the most unusual places. Some of them are inherited from relatives, some are bought at garage sales. You just need to look closely, and you will definitely find something unique.

5-Minute Crafts will show you photos of users’ things that can transport us back to the past.

1930s Houbigant Triple Vanity makeup compact

  • I’m sorry, but no one is looking at your compact. Everyone is looking at that awesome cat. The cat is the real star. © cupcakesarelove / Reddit

“Was clearing out my late grandad’s house and came across this.”

“Picked up a Victorian-style cathedral birdcage today. It’s 7’ tall with the base! Never seen one like it.”

“I snagged this Edwardian dress yesterday. It’s just too stunning not to share.”

1870s Victorian mirror

This wall fell apart, giving us a glimpse into the past.

“The first gift my great-grandfather purchased for my great-grandmother nearly 100 years ago”

“Found this today for $25 at a thrift store. Signed and dated 1881”

“The Lenox Spice Village. My grandmother bought this for me 30 years ago, and it has been in my parents’ storage shed until now...”

“A gorgeous dress that belonged to my late grandmother”

“Check out my latest acquisition! 1910 Tiffany desk pieces. Bronze and abalone”

“You buy an old book (1866) about the Civil War, and it contains pressed flowers. I wonder what story they’d tell?”

“My grandmother’s opal inlay opera glasses”

“My great-great-grandfather’s desk”

“My great-great-grandmother’s wedding ring”

“My great-great-grandfather’s school textbooks from the late 1800s. The oldest one is from 1860.”

“Pulled this beautiful piece of art out of the abandoned house that my late grandfather grew up in!”

1930s Clark Jewel gas oven

“Top hat that belonged to my great-great-great-grandfather (I think) during the late 19th century, from Ohio”

“Recovered these from my dad’s garage where they’d be used as oil rags.”

“Vintage radio I bought today. Looks perfect with my thrifted horse figure.”

A cool toilet from 1972

“Drove cross-country to bring my great grandma’s kitchen table home with me. I love it so much!”

“A sewing needle package I found at my grandma’s”

“Preserved 1940s Hall teapot compared to the Hall teapot my grandparents received as a wedding gift in 1947”

“My grandmother was an antique collector and my grandfather made reproductions. They passed 11ish years ago, and we just realized one of the dining chairs (that we use frequently) they left is 200 years old!”

Bonus: “This was my great-grandma’s ring which made its way to me. It’s blue topaz and diamond. Has anyone ever seen a gemstone cut like this?”

Preview photo credit bravobrix / Reddit
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